NetMission Engine

You should add the ability to do a simple Poly shape that’s textured with a sprite, and alters dynamically based on the points.

A great use for this would be Ridley’s wings. Instead of having to sprite them in every position, you simply sprite the structure and a texture, then set points for the poly to deform on so when the wings move those pollies stretch and compress, making the wing shape.

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Sorry for going almost a month without another update. Things got busy again, and a full-fledged model animator isn’t exactly easy to make, even if it’s only 2-D.

The subtle pink border is removed. The maths are simplified a little. Models can animate smoothly now, but without a user interface it’s very limited (i.e. you hit space and it moves back to the original position). So I’ll be making UI’s next (easy keyframing, timeline screen, etc.).

That sounds useful, but I think I’ll have to wait before I code that. We can get away without it, and right now I’m trying to work on getting this working and available. For now Ridley’s wings will have to use scaling, maybe with a few intermediate sprites.

Latest update:
As of Sunday, the animator animates. It has a key frame table where you can view the key frames (and later you’ll be able to move and delete them). I’ll add more features before I demonstrate anything. I can get Ridley to start running in seconds. :smiley:

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Things you should know about this image:

  • The textures used are 2-D sprites by Metroid Zapper.
  • The animation software I’m making is not tied to MR or P2D – it can take any 2-D pieces and animate them. This isn’t 3-D or 2.5-D or anything. It’s 100% 2-D.
  • If the legwork looks funny, it’s because the animator is incomplete. So far the pieces can only be rotated – no moving around, scaling, etc. – so I couldn’t get MR to bob up and down enough to pick up his feet.
  • When making the gif, I removed 4/5 of the frames. It’s much smoother in my animation program.
  • Sorry about the watermark.
  • I’m not the best animator. I just sorta guessed what running looks like.
  • The tail doesn’t animate because it’ll probably be a physics-based rope in-game
  • The animation took me about three minutes to make in my program.
  • I won’t be making any more gifs like this because turning the animation into a gif took me several hours. -__-
  • Meta Ridley never runs upright like that in Metroid Prime. :stuck_out_tongue:

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Well, I’d be here more often if the conversations in most of the other topics didn’t creep me out. >_>

But I recently got translation of parts to work, meaning you can move models up/down/left/right, or disconnect an arm and have it fly around the screen.