NetMission Engine

The home page link only sends me to a website asking me to create a domain. And your TK homepage does the same thing. This is making me very angry and when I get angry I will do very evil things! :imp:

We don’t really have a website anymore. I think it’s still hosted somewhere, but it would be from back when Primeval and DPS were the project leaders.

We have forums, but every important update has been posted in this topic, so just read through it, you’ll find the downloads.

Anyway, things will look up a bit as soon as I finish this scripting system I’m working on. It’ll let me start actually making things with the engine, though the engine itself still needs a ton of work.

Well, I decided to just use an open-source physics library instead of making my own. In other words, NetMission now has physics and collision, thanks to Box2D.

So I made a sample program to get it working with my engine. Then I decided to add in the particle system space ship and release it as a demo.

Click here to download the demo.

So, the red box uses Box2D. A (better) demonstration of what it can do can be found here. For more information on Box2D, visit its website.

Hooray, physics! In a Metroid game!
Ah, looking good, troid.

One complaint, the ship turns kinda quickly when you’re going slowly, seems unrealistic, and harder to control.

Hey guys. I have time to order a pirate-style fishburger and then I’ve gotta run.

I’m continuing the other NetMission topic in here since it’s no longer an announcement.

Latest updates:

  • Fixed the framerate code (so Mason could run it)
  • Got the hang of cross-platform multithreading – window code is in its own thread (no more freezing the whole program just to drag the window)

For the next update, I’ll be working on stuff that is more interesting. I’ll have a demonstration. Promise.

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so i wonder if he really meant the next decade…


That wasn’t worthy of a bump, CMC…
worth a topic though


Latest progress report:

So I made an entire game with my engine. It’s ALIVE!!
It’s for a competition, so I won’t show it here.
But the good news is you’re not missing much. It’s almost as poorly-designed as the first game I made in Game Maker as a kid. I was incredibly rushed to throw it together and didn’t even get to use large pieces of the engine for the game. 100% of the work was done on airplanes and buses–glad I got a netbook for Christmas. The latest features (scripting system, resource management, etc.) are sloppy, and making a game out of it was like using assembly.

But I made an entire game with it!
And my life is slowing down! I’m no longer flying to 1 or 2 cities every weekend, I’m no longer two weeks behind in schoolwork, and I’ll be able to sleep more than 3 hours a night this week.
Glad to see there are still people here. :smiley:

Life is good. I’ll keep you posted with future updates.

told you it was worth a bump


Also, is the Net Mission engine pretty much our last hope at reviving P2D?

considering how things are going, maybe

i actually just thought of something


in UDK you can fix the camera for sidescrolling


and people have already made Samuses, right? And of course the engine already exists…


That’d be more like Metroid Prime 2.5D.

(UDK discussion has a topic now, so we can stop plaguing Troid’s)

Latest update:
Made a real 2-D model editor. The last one was whipped together in GM in about 2 hours, and it was specifically meant to make only that one Meta Ridley model. And then it took another two hours just to make that model. This new one is way more user-friendly and can pump out ragdolls like fast food. :smiley:

Next up:
A model animator. Should be fun.

But homework first.

No, I’m not going to be all secretive like past P2D work. Here’s a screenshot for proof of my latest progress. It’s certainly not the prettiest or most intuitive piece of software I’ve ever made, but it gets the job done well enough.

Yeah, I like MZ’s Meta Ridley a lot. So what. >_>

It is a nice Meta Ridley…

And this looks like it may revive P2D. Which is hard.


Latest update:
Animation isn’t possible yet, but pieces can be rotated to put the model into various poses. It took a lot more maths than I expected.

Next up: offsetting pieces, scaling pieces, simplifying code, removing the faint pink outline, adding a user interface for animating, etc.

Do work son (and your doing good work at that. way to go.)