NetMission Engine

Well, we only need 1 type of pirate trooper, but which kind??

We have.

MP1 pirate troopers
MP2E pirate troopers
Zebesian pirate troopers in 3 different colors
MP3 pirate troopers
Concept art pirate troopers.

Personally, i think we should use MP2Es troopers, but that’s just me. But i really dont think we need all 7 hunters in the game.

Yeah, and that’s the Pirate Trooper we’re using.

The game is kind of completely planned out already (multiplayer, at least), with maybe only a few minor changes expected. >_>

can’t every character have pro’s or cons? SA-X would fit in well there. and fine SA-X isn’t included…but me and SA-X are gonna go cry together because SA-X isn’t in the game…then SA-X will absorb me and steal my knowlage of how samus kills SA-X in fusion and prevent it from hapening.

Wow, a lot has happened over the year, eh? (Years for you).

Well, nice to see your working Troid. I visit each day, so don’t worry… well, when I can anyway. The only time I can’t is when I’m on a different computer… like for the next week, unless I find the link again.

Well, if you can remember, you can come to these forums, find this topic, and go to the NM forums… Or you could just try memorizing the URL. S9 (Z9 also works. It’s the 9th server, or “zervor”), InvisionFree, and MetroidOnline (the original name of the game). It’s not that hard to memorize.

But oh well. or are enough to get here.

But is the level maker completed?? Are you using 8x8 tiles, or 16x16 tiles??? That way, i could at least practice making tilesets for it. But i think this game will be completed long before P2D.

16x16, and no, the map maker won’t be made until after 3 or 4 more public demos.

Ah. Mkay. But i’ll still see if i can make some tiles.

Download “”.

If you’ve played previous demos… You’d notice that there’s nothing new between these and the last one. But there is.

There’s one major difference between the two versions inside. If you figured it out because you knew already, don’t tell anyone. If you didn’t already know, try to figure it out.

This is your challenge. Have fun, and post your thoughts.

I can see the NetMissionB looks a lot more crisp than MissionA. Mission A is really blury to the point where you turn away in discust. Mission B looks better and the crossheir seems to be changed a litle bit.

Somethings wrong with B, or is Samus just supposed to be a view window of a box around the cursor?

Yeah, mos def. B looks nice, somebody really rounded off those samus sprites. So is the project back from hibernation?

That’s odd. However… That one was made in Game Maker, which will not be used for this game anymore.

The same sprite sheet is being used for both–they’re just being displayed differently.

And yes, this project is back from hibernation. The cause of the hibernation? I spent the last half-year in my spare time learning how to use OpenGL and the Windows API in C++, then the last week converting the Game Maker version into C++. Version A was just made in C++, version B is the old Game Maker one. (that was the major underlying difference)

Yeah, I’m having a bit of a texture issue at the moment in OpenGL–they’re all anti-aliased to death even when displayed at full size. But I’m sure it’s a simple fix.

So, now that those six months of learning are over, time for me to get back to this. :smiley:

What’s this? An update? What?!

Yes, indeed… An update.

Now that I’ve gotten the core of the core of the engine done and awesome, I’m going to be building all of the main features next.

But I ran into a bit of a snag. After brainstorming ideas for NM over the last year, my expectations have grown extremely high. I’m a bit of a perfectionist at times, and unfortunately that was sinking into my programming. I wouldn’t work on any new feature until I could make it perfectly the first time… Not the best mentality.

My solution? For now, I’ll be building the engine… in the context of a racing game. :smiley:

So this morning I made a flexible, easy-to-use particle system:

Don’t mind the squares. I left the flames untextured since I didn’t feel like searching around for a decent fireball image. Just be glad that I made my own ship sprite in place of the red-and-white square it used to be. >_>

While overall this project has gotten just about nowhere, I’d say that the next year looks quite promising.

At least you’re honest. :smiley:

Lol, thats good. Once the engine is down, I’ll HOPEFULLY have some occasional spare time to clean up my old hunter sheets.

Had some more fun with particles:

Looks cooler in action, of course.

Moving onto the next feature now.

Yup, at metroid fan mision: u get presets for games factory and multimedia fusion games, and they are damn handy.

what’re the blue and green boxes for?

The green and blue things are just tons of spinning confetti shooting out of the ship turning into snowflakes. Just me being random. :stuck_out_tongue: