New stuff


Why have I just discovered this thread. This stuff is amazing dude, everyone on this team is just freakishly talented. Oh how far we’ve come.


I mean we made it from Orpheon to the Overworld, so I’d say that is at least a few miles.


Thanks! :smiley:

Added some more CRT glow.

Edit: If you click the image you get to see it in 100%
Edit 2: When I made my first edit the image somehow became too big to be shown. ;/





Man, you are next level. The ‘shine’ on the floppy disc makes me happy.


Thank you! :smiley:


There. I fixed some small stuff nobody will ever notice…


If you’re still doing Pico-8 stuff, you can import images directly into the software using 'import’


Yeah. That is really nice.