New Year's Resolution Thread

It’s easier to follow your resolutions if you tell people about them, so post them here, and if you haven’t got one, think of one and put it here. Post your progress occasionally, too, and we’ll see how strong-willed you people are.

PS I don’t have a resolution myself, but I’ll post eventually :sweat:

i will make my first game program (in either blitz BASIC or C#… picked up C# for dummies today btw =D)

Hi. I have a resolution:
To learn how to be reasonably good at at least one thing, by the end of the year. This means that I have to take steps to get skills at things I think I might enjoy, instead of doing what I usually do: wanking around in a subject area for about half a project, and then quitting.

To never lose in super smash bros. brawl to a person I’m “physically” playing against, other than my brother.

Not to difficult. : )

That’s the lamest resolution ever. You’re limiting yourself to like 3 people.

To relearn C++, and finish tTEP.

Super Metroid in :30… hopefully.

I go out of my way to play smash against large amounts of people.

During exams, we played in the cafeteria. About 30 of us. We only had 2 controllers, so it was 1 on 1. Winner continues playing.

I played every single match from the begging. I used every character. I let my opponents pick the stage as well.

I dont pretend to be the best on the planet, I’m obviously not, I dont use techniques like wavedashing.

But I’ve only lost 3 1 on 1 matches in my life, all of which I won the 2 out of 3. And I dont intend to lose at brawl either.

ur haxen

Ive @//\ t3h m@d skillzorxxxxrz!!!

If I was hacking, someone might notice, just saying.

Wow, people must hate you!
I win most of the time… lunch break brawl tourneys would rock…

I did notice. Just saying.

Lol, they dont hate me, but they get mad anytime I play because I wont put down the controller until I get bored…and that takes a while.