Now this is just ridiculous.

A wal-mart employee was trampled to death in New York…by HUMANS! This is ridiculous and embarassing to even think of. We are the smartest living creatures on Earth that I know of. And we aren’t supposed to have stampeeds. I’m sorry, but that’s just aggravating, so un-civilized… -_-

well, it is new york

Uh, dude, are you new or something? Google “stampede India”.…lient=firefox-a

If you’ve ever been in a mob, you’ll know it’s insane, and motion happens entirely independent of any one person in the mob. Mob mentality is completely nuts is the point I’m trying to get across here.

Also, someone got shot in a Toys “R” Us today as well. Woot consumerism. Indians trample each other for their pantheon, we kill each other to get 30% off.

This reminds me of what all happened when people actually wanted PS3’s…

OMG 600 posts!

Did I… miss something?

Yeah, 1992 called, they want their gameplay back.

lol, america.

lol ps3

Lol, people.

“Somebody got ran over by a bus”
“Somebody got ran over by a wild horse”
“Somebody got ran over by PEOPLE” …don’t work >_>

“someone got run over by a PS3.”
What? It’s big 'nuff!

Did he get trampled near the Wal-Mart, and was the stampede in line for PS3’s, 'cause then you know it’s fake……cc7c&ei=5087%0A

It makes me sick.

for a bargain… T.T

now i will never EVER go to new york.

its sad that none of the people who were trampling them stopped and said “wait is there a person under me? maybe i should help them…”

man i hope those people who did the trampling get their just desserts. that’s horrible… HORRIBLE!

(no i am not being sarcastic.)

You can’t stop to help someone when you’re being carried by the mob.

Being in a mob is like being in a ocean current. You can resist, but it doesn’t do anything.

I don’t think this event represents New York.

Shopping there on Black Friday is something I would definitely want to avoid, though. :confused: