So I got it and started playing…and reallized I was lagging like crazy… 20 fps is not acceptable on a Overclocked 260.

Anyone got a clue why this is happening?

no idea, but side note: slowdown isn’t lag.


So what, it feels like lag.

Oblivion sucks up more power than any game I’ve ever seen. I’m not sure about the exact specs, but I bet you it takes up more than Crysis, if that’s physically possible. Remember, highest settings on the PC version blow the 360 version’s graphics out of the water and then some. So don’t turn it all the way up if you did.

Also, close any other programs, if that wasn’t obvious enough.

EDIT: What Tim said, lol.

Also, I still can’t type today. I’ve already hit backspace several times.

Oblivion’s brilliance is only offset by the awful engine it runs on. Seriously, that thing is awful.

1)Turn your settings down, it doesn’t look much worse.
2)Use the mod “Steamline”, it takes a more intelligent approach to memory management, and provides a set of rotating saves, so you don’t lose your character through a single corruption. There really is no reason not to use it, assuming you didn;t buy from D2D or something (It needs OBSE)
3)Tell us where the slowdown is happening. If you’re travelling, this is a limitation of the engine, and aside from lowering settings and using streamline, the only thing you can do is grab a faster HDD.

4)Post your mod list.

There are some mods which are written spectacularly badly, like the first edition of illumination within, which ran a script ~5 times a second, for every window nearby. Ouch.

I’d just like to point out that my setup is balls, and I played at about constant 60fps, except for travelling (Which I didn’t do often. Mart’s Monster Mod + Oscuro’s Overhaul + Real Fatigue + A spell backlash that’s drained your endurance to 0 makes travelling… inadvisable.)

That game really does have bad coding. If you just got it, why didn’t you get fallout 3 instead? Better engine, better gameplay, what’s not to like? Also, It laggs my 360 to poop even freezing it occasionally. Still an awesome game. It reccomends like a 3 GHz processor, and like 512 Mb plus in VRAM, and like 2 Gb in RAM. DDR2 ram not DDR ram. Have fun.

Because he’s running it on PC, and with PC comes mods. Oblivion with mods really is fantastic. FO3 doesn’t quite have that mod library yet.


Plus I got the GOTY edition for $20!

I got the 360 GOTY edition for $15, it really looks great, I also have morrowind running with oblivion’s engine, awesome graphics FTW! (mods rule)

Well, it only looks great until you get used to the Ultra High and Natural mods for Crysis…

That was uncalled for :’(


“Remember, highest settings on the PC version blow the 360 version’s graphics out of the water and then some. So don’t turn it all the way up if you did.”

He went and installed Quarl’s texture pack. Talk about doing the opposite of what you said :stuck_out_tongue:

That, however, is AFTER we got it working smoothly.

Thanks for all of those mods PY.

And I got a few for you later.


I’ve started playing it again, too. I haven’t done anything yet, started out in Anvil and have been picking fights with the residents. I beat up an entire town, motherfucker.

If anybody can help, I can’t get the Oblivion.ini to work… :frowning:


Jking. I have no idea. But that is a good fallback, should everything else fail. :wink:

Zurg, I’d help you if I could, but I have a mac, and Oblivion runs on my 360… Sry dude.

Edit: Most .ini are just text files, so try to open it with word pad or whatever.

Well I’m trying to get it to change some stuff to perform better, but my changes aren’t doing anything…