OK, it's on now

OK, so I’ve decided to make my own engine since this project has been taking for fin ever, what features would you guys like?

  • Movement
  • Encrypted Resources*
  • Ogg/Mp3 sound
  • Dynamic resource allocation
  • Multiple sprite sets
  • Dynamic Enemies
  • Multiple Maps*
  • Save Games
  • Wall Jump
  • Boost (ball or non)
  • Missiles
  • Unlimited types of beams / missiles
  • Scripts for game events/to run on event*
  • Scripts to run only within a room
  • Master Script to run all the others

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Master Config to shape the game is a definite as well as a map editor.

Yeah, so I finally am fed up with the dismal progress on this even with the help of an ultra high level language like GML/sarcasm so tell me what you guys want, and I’ll try to make it happen within the month. I have a real job, but in the meantime, I’ve got nothing better to do. Really hard stuff will be ignored, but it should play like metroid at least. asterisks I can do or at least figure out, but they are going to take longer than the others to do. Source will be released, sucess or no. so CFX >_> maybe this will help.

Not of P2D, but I ticked everything apart from scripts within a room. I don’t see what you mean by multi maps though.

Sorry, what, I couldn’t hear over the sound of your own elitism.

Good luck making an engine better than P2D’s, even in your mystical super-language.

Phazon Yoshi, please. C is not a mystical super-language. Allegro is not a language at all. Allegro is a code library made in C. And it’s most certainly capable of helping a coder make this engine. And I’m sure the guy’s elitism has been earned, since he’s actually selling his games.

The more functional an engine is, the more programmers will love it, although not necessarily the ordinary folks.

Hope you have fun with the physics…I’ve made at least five platformer physics engines and have never gotten one anywhere near what I wanted it to be–frequent teleportation through walls, “jumpy” diagonal terrain, or even being rendered motionless when touching two pieces of terrain at once.

Uh, good luck.

I know I sound like a crazy elitist, and there is a good chance I won’t finish, but I’m still open to discussion, and I’ll post progress here if that’s ok. I would also like people to post new ideas, implementations, ect, anything helps, even if you don’t know code, I have problems figuring out algorithms and such. The last really complicated thing I had to do took like a month and even then the solution was way different than I would have expected. So, first things first, I haven’t even started with the code yet… I’ve had straight school and work for the past 3 days, but I don’t have to work the next 4, so we’ll see if i can’t get started.

Plan: Start with the main menu, and implement a resolution scaler/switcher. Resizing a bitmap on te fly is expensive, but it’s gonna be neccecary in odd resolutions and windowed mode. Fullscreen will be much faster as a result. I’ll need to make flags for the mode, maybe start in the highest possible quality, and then move down from there so it always looks the best when run on any machine. Also an fps counter just because I like them.

You don’t really sound like you know what you’re doing. But then, I’ve been wrong once or twice in my life, so who knows.

Doesn’t sound to me like you’re using hardware-based graphics routines, which is a terrible idea. I get that from how you said “resizing a bitmap on the fly is expensive.” When I’m using OpenGL, I just use glScaleFactors, and there’s really not much effect on speed. See my Random Experiments topic if you want to see some code with it.

Well, yeah, I’m using allegro for graphics and input. OpenGL is a bit too complicated for 2d, at least to me. Plus, even on a really slow PC, there shouldn’t be any performance issues. I’m just wanting to throw together an engine to see if I can. It’s the first time making this type of game for me, so yeah, I really don’t know what I’m doing in that respect. When I’m done, if I do finish, it won’t be good enough to use for p2d, but there may be enough code in there that could be modified and restructured to fit that it could be useful if there is a conversion.(which I doubt) What I mean to say is that whatever comes out of this is just going to be a rough draft. I’m definitely not good enough to finish this in any reasonable amount of time. It’s supposed to be a learning experience. Oh, and how about a color depth of 16 or 8 bit to save resources?

One really bad thing about my code is that I have a hard time keeping it modular. just a fair warning. I’ll try to comment as much as possible.