Phazon Beam's cannon

If anyone has the actual model, or any good references of the Phazon Beam Arm Cannon it would be greatly appreciated. I need it for my Samus sprites because you know I’m making all the arm cannons. And I have no reference for either one from MP1 or MP3. Help me my brethren.

what sorta reference like top side and bottom pics, cause I might be able to help.

Every and view you can get. And thanks Zurgy, need some more for MP1. I need a view from the bottom but I think the only way you can get that is if you ripped the model… =/

btw I haven’t been on much, welcome Recker

Yeah I might be able to get the ripped model. but shhhh…

Thanks man, let me know

Yeah ok, Im just waiting for someone to let me know.

Oh and thanks. ^.^

try and get it soon D=
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Zurg knows what’s goin’ on.

I mean, Bam, he’s on top of this stuff. I was gonna google it, and BAM! Zurg’s already got it covered.

Zurg, you deserve a medal. And some cookies.

So do you, Rundas.

And you do too, Recker, just for trying to help.

Me, I deserve…a swift kick in the butt…maybe.

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Cause you’re gonna make it whether or not you get a medal in the process…right? :stuck_out_tongue:


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if it does, i could use one xD