Phlakes' Secret Project

Phlakes has a secret project under development. He didn’t want to announce it until it was finished, but he cannot animate people to save his fucking life. If anyone has any experience animating people and would like to help, please PM Phlakes. You will obviously be credited.


This is NOT a “I have a great idea for a game, so I’m gonna post it, make some sprites and then forget about it” game.

You think that’s enough motive?

Motive for what?

to help you

It’s the same motive anyone has to work on other games.

Then maybe you wanna take a look at your note again?

I made that note because there is already a working engine (and I’m not using GM). It’s not a matter of how to make it happen but having everything to complete it. I still wouldn’t have even announced it unless I absolutely needed help.

I might help. PM mah some details.


don’t listen… he is a spy!

I’d love to help, Phlakes, but I have, like, ZERO experience animating stuff.

So, anyone feel like animating some people?

no, not really

at all



Hey, cut the kid some slack, he’s not very good at it.


Yeah, gosh…

no, cuz im not good at it either, so he has to do it himself lol

At least you CAN animate. :stuck_out_tongue:

bah, just wait till my 3d modeling class ;D

Geeze, taking enough classes much?

6 classes every semester