You dont want the sprite to be antialiased that much though. Some editing could do the trick, but It’ll appear blurry onscreen.


Erm… 20 minutes. You mean you… like it?


@ Redhalberd: I know you can’t use that animation for anything, because it doesn’t have transparancies. I just wanted to show you what it might look like in the game (If it’s used, that is, not assuming anything here… :stuck_out_tongue: ) I’ll try making one that isn’t anti-aliased… see, Photoshop doesn’t have any rotate options concerning blurring, so I’ll have to manually rotate them in Paint. (One editing nightmare? Coming right up!)

Not necessarily an editing nightmare. You could simply recolor the antialiased pieces all to a default color. It’d only take about 15 minutes.
But I should also mention that the animation is a little shaky.

Also, you should post this on the SCU forum is you havent already.

That’s a really good idea! It would fix the anti-aliasing problem, without sacrificing Photoshop’s rotation abilities. Yeah, there is a point in the animation where it’s motion is jerky. I’m gonna fix it. (i.e. redo it completely)

SCU forums? I’ll see if I can find where to put it…

Er, I have no idea why I haven’t posted this before… because it took me about 5 minutes to put together from what I already made like 2 months ago… but that’s final, I think.


I’ve had an unvalidated account on the forums for about half a year now. Am I supposed to do something to get the admin’s validation? I’m sure I’ve waited long enough… :frowning:

No, but that forum’s closing down in 16 days anyway >_>

and by the way, yes, there was something to do to get the admin activation, but if youa re too lazy, for not using worse words, to follow the rather SIMPLE procedure, it’s YOUR FAULT.

Hey now, last I checked the secret word got disabled or something, didn’t it?

Secret word or not, Mills hasn’t checked his inbox in over a year. So uh, don’t pick on him, CFX.

Oh, it’s simple? That’s good, I’m glad it’s simple. It’d have been very annoying if it was complicated.

Wait. Can I draw attention to the fact that there’s nothing else I can do, besides create an account? Tell me, what exactly does this “simple” procedure entail? If there was anything I needed to do to get an account working, I’ve already done it. Unless of course the activation is not simple at all. My, a secret word? I wonder why I didn’t know. Now I’m utterly confused. I thought you said it was simple.

Edit: I’m not up to speed on what the closing of that forum means. Do I just stay on this one? (Simple response, please)

The “simple procedure” was reading the rules. At the end it explained that to validate your account, you must find the secret word in the rules and email it to an administrator along with your account name.

But, too late now. SCU and its forums are gone. Just stay here.

When will the final p2d demo be out? :confused: I can’t wait for the full game to be released! :smiley: It’s gonna be awesome!!!

Woah those are some good morph ball bomb sprites. They are at right speed for MPH! ||^^|| Have you ever thought about, you know, making a sprite sheet for, well, / maybe explosions and power bombs? That would be really cool. :slight_smile:

Someone’ll have to, eventually, and it might as well be me…
There are some explosions in the frigate escape sequence, so you might just get lucky. =P

I feel fuzzy, though. I didn’t think they were that great, but everyone else thinks they’re good.

I know I’m not a part of the team but I made the power bomb expansion with photoshop and paint. Here it its.

Can I join as a spriter…I couldnt figure out how to post, so my first ever sprite is the pwr bomb expantion, look at my avatar lol

edit-odd…its not animating…hmph

edit-2…nvrmind, I changed the image now…but how do i post images?

Upload it to somewhere like imageshack and post the url in [img] tags.