Prime 2D Demo v0.

Gotta say, it’s amazing to see you here, Andrew! It was 17 years ago when I first made an account on your original SCU forums. Been quite a long time, and hope you’re doing well!

Believe it or not, a couple of advanced players did discover a Secret World entrance in a room called gully. Looks like we kept that aspect intact after all, haha.

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Thank you very much! Click and drag worked fine :slight_smile:

Holy shit!
I didn’t even know you guys were still at it till Rundas messaged me that this was posted!
Absolutely blown away!

Haha! That’s awesome to hear! Absolutely chuffed to hear it. I won’t lie, every time I see a SW being used in a WR or GDQ speedrun, it fills my heart with pride. :wink: I stand firm on the SCU community being the true pioneers of MP SWs and wallcrawling. :smiley:

I still have an exceptionally special place in my heart reserved for the community and site.

I have a few special SCU/Metroid-related “swan song” projects lined up for this year, so I’ll send you a PM to keep you in the loop.

It’s awesome to see just how far (M)P2D has come since the very first prototype when Samus couldn’t navigate slanted pathways properly.

It’s getting a lot of site coverage, so I hope that the Nintendo C&D stays away. A Nintendo of US employee bought a copy of MIM 1 back in 2005 (and had it posted to Nintendo HQ!), So hopefully they will turn a blind eye to this.

My main email address, is still very much my main one. :wink:

Take care and don’t be a stranger. :smiley:

The demo was amazing. Really liked how you all did things, even included grips, nice touch, but two main suggestions for QOL and ease in this game.

  1. Rapid fire by holding down left mouse button. UNTIL charge beam is acquired. (this killed my pointer finger haha) Could even add a toggle for this. so you can quick change between rapid fire and being able to charge.

  2. Faster scanning. The scanning process is slow and tedious, we all hated this in the original game. But with the advancement of enemies on this I.E the main boss of demo, slow scanning can be hazardous to you. Personally… I lost like 30 health when trying to scan, mr hopper…

  3. Just a minor gripe. but allow W to allow you to jump up after gripping a ledge.

Just downloaded and played through your demo today and decided this would be a good time to show my support for this running project. Metroid Prime being one of the first games that resonated with me as a child, I can confidently admit that this 2D re imagining strikes the same chords that it did back when I was young. The intrigue is just too juicy to put down and even after acquiring the missile upgrade I wanted more. I hope that this project continues to run it’s course and that we will be able to see Prime 2D in it’s completed form. Best of luck in the continued creation of this project.
btw if your team needs any help in QA I would love the chance to be able to be a part of it’s creation, just a wishful suggestion :wink:

I am so completely excited about this game. Just downloaded and ready to check this out! :smile: :coffee:

it’s so gooooood!

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Hi Everyone! I must say that this Fan made Metroid Game is Very beautiful and I only found out about it yesterday! My question is can Prime 2D play on Windows 7? and is this game made as a PC game?

I have been playing Prime 2D today and yesterday and I am really amazed by the quality of this demo. This really feels like how Prime should be in a 2d environment. Graphics, sound, and gameplay are all amazing! I am not a guy fixated on lore. So, I will only go into detail of the gameplay.

I really loved that this game has a ton of Prime quirks. The scan visor was implemented well, I also liked having bomb jump, while not being able to do it infinitely, and firing missiles quicker by alternating between missiles and power beam. The addition of wall jumps made it feel like a proper 2d Metroid game. The only thing I miss are spin jumps after being stationary in the air. This could have led to infinite wall jumps, so I understand why it is not implemented.

Some upgrades are very well hidden, I am especially looking at you boost ball. The downfall of having the scan visor is that I relied too much on it. Artifacts are extremely well hidden. I did not try to collect them. But I did beat hard mode… Beating it is no joke :slight_smile:.

I liked the addition of the secret transmissions of unknown origin. I found two of those. The first one was probably due to getting the second energy tank without boost ball. The second one was above the entrance of Chozo Ruins. I will leave out what those messages were, but the second one made me genuinely laugh out loud.

Now I want to talk about two cases of bugs vs features. Firstly, I did a small sequence break by skipping Power grip. When the game tells you “Recommended direction east -->”, you can wall jump on the left side of the floating platform, shoot, and hold right to get on top of the floating platform. It works on the left side of the platform due to the placement of the ceiling. Since I was unable to get stuck and because of the message “Recalibrating direction system” it felt like this sequence break was on purpose. Lastly, it is possible to boost ball upwards by spring balling one way and then in succession move the other way and use boost ball. If your timing is just right, Samus will be launched upwards so she can reach places you normally can’t. (I can add video proof if you like).

In case I have not said it enough, I really like this demo. Keep up the good work!


Wow, wow, wow! This is incredible, just a fantastic job, bravo!

This is awesome, thank you so much for your hard work. Also, I can confirm this runs perfectly in linux using Steam and Proton.

-In Linux open steam open the steam settings, select the Steam Play category and click the checkmark box the says “Enable Steam Play for all other titles” and click OK it may ask you to restart steam
-click add a game to your library
-select add a non steam game
-click the browse button and in the new window that pops up select “All Files” for the file type.
-find your exe
-once your exe has been loaded to your library, right click the game and verify the file location is correct (a bug in steams “add a game” feature)
-then click compatibility and select “Force the use of a specific Steam Play…” and select the latest build with a number
-and then load the game. Runs great!

you may need to run any regular non steam game to download the version of proton you have selected to download the proton files

I hate to be “that guy” but any chance on controller support?


Hi! Can you tell me please where’s save file location? Is there any possibles to remove a progress slot?

From Official FAQ Topic 2021

On the file select menu in-game, highlight a save file and hit the “delete” key on your keyboard to be brought to a confirmation screen. Alternatively you can navigate to %appdata%\NetMission\Demo2021 on your computer and delete the files there.

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Hi, i just downloaded it to play it and it was pretty good, i would just like to see the controller layout. Not even change it, i just want to see what does what.

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hey there guys, just wanted to say i love the look of the game so far, i am new to all this forum stuff, is there a place to post bug issues or crashes, i have tried the first 5 mins of the demo egar to get into the rest, but the game seems to crash just after the first elevator shaft, would love some help o get by this, sorry if this is the wrong place to be posting, thank you for you patience, keep up the good work!!

Really enjoyed this game folks. I can tell way more love has gone in to this than is first apparent! Finished all the stuff I could in the game, and right before i finished, discovered that wall jumping was a thing. Great attention to detail! I’m looking forward to finding the rest.

I wondered if the lore about the “founders” was actually about the history of making the game?

Thank you so much. This is incredible. I wish you all the best of luck and hope you find further success.