Prime 2D Echoes (Demo)


Prime 2-D Echoes

This is the Demo of the third installment of my Metroid Series. It is a game that fuses the physics, concept, storyline, and features of a 3-D game with theengine, style, graphics, and physics of a 2-D game. You are Samus Aran and you were sent on a mission to rescue some GFC troopers after they went missing on a planet called Aether. On your way there your ship got damaged by the planets atmosphere in the landing process and is in need of repair. You will need to locate the GFC troopers. But that’s not all that you need to do. Samus notices that on her journey she encounters dark clones of many of the once peacful creatures of Aether, you must get to the bottom of this and hopefully don’t have to go through too much trouble

How to Play

This is just a classic Metroid Game with the twist above. In this game you get no a 360 degree aiming system but a 360 degree snap aiming system. You have all the classic powerups from the Metroid Series and a Soundtrack from MP2E. There are many enemies you will find on your journey and sometimes you need to use the scan visor to proceed. Be aware of your surroundings and see if you can find the next powerup.


A/D - Move/Move on Spider Ball Track
S - Crouch/Morph Ball/Down on Spider Ball Track
W - Jump/FPS Mode/Uncrouch/Up on Spider Ball Track
Left Mouse Button - Shoot Beam/Charge Beam/Grapple Beam/Morph Ball Bomb
Right Mouse Button - Missile/Seeker Missile/Power Bomb
Middile Mouse Button - Switch Visor
Scroll Middle Mouse Button - Switch Weapon
Number Keys - Switch Weapon
Arrow Keys - Swtich Visor
Ctrl - Spider Ball

A/D + W - Spin Jump
Hold Left Mouse Button + Right Mouse Button - Beam Combo
Hold Left Mouse Button + S - Charge Bomb
A/D + Against Wall - Wall Jump

Enter - Select/Proceed
Space Bar - Proceed


Charge Beam
Missile Launcher
Morph Ball Bomb
High Jump
Dark Beam
Light Beam
Dark Suit
Wall Jump

Space Jump Boots
Super Missile
Seeker Launcher
Gravity Boost
Grapple Beam
Dark Visor

Spider Ball
Power Bomb
Dark Burst
Echo Visor
Screw Attack
Sun Burst
Annihilator Beam
Sonic Boom

Extra Info

This is a game demo so it may have glitches and is short, thankyou for understanding.
The Link to the game can be found below.

[size=3]THE DEMO