Prime time :D(Prime haxing)

Felt like posting all this at this forum as well :smiley:

Me and a small team of friends are doing this project, just for experience and it’s kind of fun :slight_smile:


So what exactly are you doing?

High res texturing it or just poking around in the rom?

_> Did you read?

“Doing this project”

The project could be a rom hacker, the project could be a retexture, the project could be a redesign, etc.

_> Did you clarify?

It’s totally just a viewer(Maybe we’ll have it edit small portions, maybe)

Zurg, this may be able to help Outrider.

Uh… no not really. xD

True. Probably because we’re changing the environments like 600%.

Probably because we aren’t making prime. >_>


Anyways, on-topic, this is awesome… I’ve always wanted to be able to view primes stuff without ripping it and editing it back into the proper proportions…

Yeah. That would be cool to be able to do. And it eliminates lighting effects, showing you what the room really looks like.