PS3 'trophies'

I just noticed this while browsing the GT forums, and I think this is just Sony blatantly copying MS’s achievement system, what do you all think?

I believe steam had it first, though.

It’s a good idea, nice thing to copy.

Unfortunately for Sony though, they have almost 2 years worth of games that DON’T support it whereas MS had it on the 360’s launch, this kinda means that Sony is just copying it because people praise the 360’s achievements

Not entirely, the advantage of totally online services is you can update them at any time. They could have been planning it for a long while, based off steam’s, like the 360s

I find it ironic that for a person who hates debates, the first topic I’m jumping into after being gone for a week is one…

Anyway, I find that more and more of Sony’s products are or at least appear to be a bad rip off of something successful. :>_>:

That’s just me, though :stuck_out_tongue:

true enough, to coin the author of Zero Punctuation “Haze is a game can’t seem to decide what existing FPS it’s trying to rip off of the most, Halo being the obvious candidate…” this was when he was ranting about Haze which is the same for Resistance and every other PS3 exclusive FPS these days but it does help your point s123i68

Well, I’m a Nintendo Fanboy, so I’m usually the first one to point the “copycat” finger.

Game mechanics are not copyrighted, and if somebody copies them and does it well, then good!
I mean, every FPS copies the whole have a gun and shoot it mechanic, those thieving bastards.

Some things in games can be patented. Namco has patented games that you play on loading screens, for instance, which is why you don’t see that so often.
True story!

Some things, but not base mechanics.