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i was thinking lizard heading because i dunno who dark hammer is, nor what he looks like >.>;

aww red are you ignoring the avatar i posted for you in the thread? =’/

??? What avatar goes to check.

Ah, I see. Metal’s never been my fancy, but I’ll give it another go. I’ll go get a pic of it.
edit: New one on left.

the neck looks a little too long. for metal, use less shades and more contrast. dither when needed; when you dither with gray it’s not as visible as with other colors, ive found.

Hmm, that’s interesting. I’ll give it a go.

For metal, use 3 or 4 really dark shades, 1 medium shade, and 2 or 3 really bright shades. Or something in that sense.

well, thats the method i used for my guy here and i thought it turned out pretty badass.

you should try both of our methods and see which one you like more =)

hmm thats wierd. is the link bringing you to a search page or is that just me?


i’ll just link the page from my thread its on. i really dont want to post the actual thing here cus that would be kinda rude posting your work in sombody else’s thread >.>;

I guess I see, though I’m not looking for super shiny brand new spankin armor. Just sorta dusty, been sitting around in an ice temple waiting for link sort of armor.

@Pom: Yeah, I remmeber that, I’ll try referrencing it.

edit: Since when did Imageshack darken whatever you upload? >_<

Yeah, I made the head bigger (I think that fixes the neck problem. Also cleanup up here and there.

Its a mini-boss in Zelda Twilight Princess.

looks good Red keep it up.

Update. I don’t think the hands look too bad. I’ll prolly make a couple more poses, and a spinning animation.

Pirate Aerotroopers for your viewing pleasure.

I don’t think I did too bad, though I think the palette and style could use a couple tweaks. Its also a tad too large, but I can fix that with the legs.

CC 4plz’z.

The one on the left is Dazuro’s old one, and on the far right is Dazuro’s Pirate trooper (style and size ref).

accurate. but that’s expected with a model right next to it lol

Pretty sweet, I think a lot of the game’s graphics could use a good update. the model refs i can get would guarentee quality too lol.

That’s not a trooper. The troopers are the black-armored ones with scythe-arms and shoulder spikes. >_>

Also, I think he’s a bit too tall, but he looks bloody awesome. Incredible texture work.

I think itd be awesome if everyone stopped to update their sprites to have awesome textures like his. Id be willing to get every model in the game if need be. But my god the sprites would all look sooo much better if you did. Imagine Daz’s pirates o.o, just OMG BOOTYNESS!

And remember that the flying pirates are very skinny pirates. It’s no wonder they have to fly, Samus would snap them in two :stuck_out_tongue:.

Lol, thanks guys, but I can only take responsibility for the textures.

The shape is perfect because it IS the space pirate aerotrooper.

As aI do occassionally with sprites, I shrank it down to size in paint, copied it, and colored over it so the shape would be perfect. The palette was a combo of RP’s and my own (though there was MUCH editing).

But yeah, Ive got to thank Daz, RP, and Darkhunter for it.


Anyway, I cant work on it much today (band camp >_>).

Hm, his limbs do seem a bit too thick, now that you mention it…

really? the only part of the leg that appears large to me is the bottom right segment, but that’s just because it has a box attached to it that is making it appear larger than it actually is. if you take a look at the render, you’ll see the box as well.

I mostly just think the lower legs need work. They don’t quite seem to fit the rest of the sprite which looks incredibly awesome. I think the lower legs just need shaded differently. Kinda look pillow shaded to me :/. Kinda looks like its wearing a sweat band around its ankle lol. That’s how Daz’s were too. Bothers me for some reason. And, in the ref, the pirate has little box things on its lower legs too. See if you can put those on. That should fix it. I can’t see anything else that needs work right now. Good job ^^.

If you ask me, yours actually looks more attractive than the model :wink:.

Lmao, if you keep complimenting me, I might get arrogant or something. Beside’s, it’s practically not my work.

Finished, fixed the legs, added arms.

Does it look better? Anything else?

xD the gun is on the wrong arm.