Running speed? (and others)

in the metroid prime game, it seemed like you walked, making the game actually quite interesting, since you pay attention to all the great detail and everything. So i was wondering, will you run in metroid 2d all the time? isn’t there a way to go at metroid primes pace (not by default, since i know that is a little far)? Also, will samus gain speed, or use the speed booster? What about dodging to the sides (used by L-targeting), will samus dodge backwards like the newer castlevanias, or not dodge at all? will the team give a very large library of things to scan other than enemies, and will the scans give info just as full of info and quality (the realistic terms and scans really made the environment seems very real) ? I thank you for all of your great work so far, and appreciate this no matter how your quality team handles it! :slight_smile:

well, i dont think there will be auto-targeting (like with L), because the other 2d met games dont have it, so i dont think there will be a sideswipe or anything like that either.

I believe they will have her running the whole time too, as it is traditional for the met 2d games

since on every 2d metroid game you run i guess you will run here to :confused:

Wrong, wrong and wrong.

I don’t know if it’ll make it into the final version, but the Samus entity prototype I use in metEngine features:

a) Automatic Lock-On:
Samus’ homing weapons, aka Missiles, Missile Combos and Wave beam, will home in on a locked target if you hold the spacebar while shooting. To select a target you simply shoot it. Once any attack sucessfully connects with an enemy/object, holding space will make weapons home on it (only exception being if there are grapple points nearby, in which case you’ll use the Grapple beam.
In a nutshell: Fire a weapon onto something. Hold Space. Keep firing.

b) Dashing speed
When moving regularly, Samus kinda jogs around. Not as slow as walking, but not as fast as fully running. However, you can dash anytime by double tapping then holding the left/right arrow keys. Speed Booster only activates when dashing this way.

c) Scan/Combat Dash (adapted as Backdash)
Anyone familiar with Castlevania knows what this is. Basically, you press Jump and the opposite direction at once, and Samus wil leap backwards. Its main use is dodging melee attacks.

As for the scanning system, I already explained how it works. It automatically scans everything around you, then you just select a target and press Space to bring up its data.
The reason for this is that the old system (manual control of the scanning scope, scanning and targeting) was pretty awkward, and got annoying after a while. This system is much less intrusive in the pace of the game, and serves the same purpose.

You don’t run on the 1st 2 Metroid games.

yeah i haven’t played metroid 1or2 :sweat:

I mean, you don’t have the Speed Booster on the NES, the 1st Metroid, or the game boy, where you destroy the Metroids but the Larva, the one that saves you on Super Metroid, SNES or Redesgin, if you are familliar with emulators. You only have the Speed Booster on Super Metroid, Fusion and Zero Mission!

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