Saber's Sprites

I created this solely for help on a certain set of sprites, but I’m sure I’ll eventually post some more things on here to get opinions and/or help, as I make more.

Having not sprited in a while, I was going to start a new game for one of my classes, and decided to start by drawing up the main character. As I began, I remembered how much I suck at spriting humans/humanoids. I was most worried about the shape and proportions, as those always seem off when I try. Somehow I was able to pull off a quite relatively good looking sprite; a little bit in, I got inspired and something clicked… And it just came together. Or something like that.

Anyway, tell me what you think (about the spritework, not the sprited character), as in what needs work, what you like (if anything), etc:

Also, shortly after making some final (in my judgement) adjustments to the former, I began to make him bald-headed for use later as a sort of character template. The baldness looks kind of strange, but I’m not sure what needs added or changed.

Reduce the amount of colours you use, and make his arms slightly longer.
You’ll need to add more contrast between the hues, too.
This reminds me of the stuff you find on TSR ^^

He seems to be leaning back, and his limbs aren’t bent at all…which is kinda weird.
Also, what Timmehboy said. :stuck_out_tongue:

Not bad. What they said >_>

Hm yeah, I kinda figured there might be an issue with the number of colors i used. So what am I aiming for, 16 or less?

And by contrast between the hues cough I’m guessing that you mean more difference between each color on the same “pallette strip?” If so, I think this might kinda go hand-in-hand with the above.

The arms longer. Thought of that as well, and I’ll give it a shot. :smiley: Thanks tim!

And by the way, what is TSR? >.> I feel like I should probably know this. (The Spriter’s Resource?) Like I explained above, spriting isn’t my specialty :stuck_out_tongue:.

So, the leaning-back look was kind of intentional. I dunno why, I guess I like it. I feel like he might look really rigid if I didn’t give him some kind of lean… Or something. And arms straight is sort of a style thing too, but at the same time I know what you mean xP I’ll try making them look slightly bent and see how that turns out. Thanks as well, Zurg!

Wow. I really suck at people. And by suck, I mean SUUUUUUUUUUUUUCK

xD Yeah, that’s what I thought, too. >.> I bet if I tried again it’d look terrible <<.