Save The Samus's

well i call this Save The Sams’s 2 player edition if some tells me how the d-pad works with some fan games i will make it 3 playerDownload Link
player 1
left and right
(jump) a
(Fire) s
player 2
(left) g
(right) h
(fire) k
(jump) L
F5 (Save)
F6 (Load)
F9 (Pic)
did i miss anything

player 2?

that galactic trooper next to the ship

could you please not post games where the collision boxes are visible?


its a bit clunky
the troopers gun shoots low
the sprites move too fast
the rooms resize
the trooper will run in place
the trooper’s and doors have their collision boxes visible

well if you want me to do that send me kraid from zero mission thats animated

no i’m saying if it’s a 2 player game what are the commands for the second player (or will it be over the intarw3b)

yes another player can join whenever