I occasionally go to SCU forum to see progress and talk about p2d, but now I can’t find it. I’m not familiar with this forum, where can I see progress, suggest stuff and download the demo?

You know, generally, basic reading ability is recommended to fully enjoy forums.

There’s an entire forum section for Progress.

There’s another forum section for ideas/suggestions.

Oh, and sorry, but the demo is for team members only at the moment, so I can’t blame ya for that one… >_>;

ok. thanks.

I was more looking to discuss the demo, talk about improvements and things I like, like that old SCU thread. What happened to SCU anyway? Looks like it died.

Where do I sign up to join the team? I have experience in making games, with basic programming and physics, and I’ve been working with images for a while. I did look through the forum but didn’t see any joining thread. Or is the team not open?

To join the graphics team, find a sprite that isn’t done, post some progress to show your skill and dedication, and we’ll let you into the Members forum. Dunno about programming, we hardly ever find anyone qualified enough to actually help, and that’s not my expertise anyway, so I’d hate to steer you wrong… contact DF about it or something.

Your name seems very familiar.

Yeah, SCU is dead. All work on P2D was moved to a hidden board on our forums here.

Click here for the list of sprites.

Well, of course it does. He was an SCU member. >_>

Yes, but I remember members better by their sigs/avs. His name sounds like he should have a Samus avatar, but I can never be sure if that was him unless he’s actually wearing it. >_> (That or he had no avatar or sig, but that may have just been on the last server)

Shut up, I suck with names. >_<

I had a samus avatar.

I’m not too hot with sprites, but I’ll give it a go anyway.
Is any artwork necessary? like cutscenes or scan images?

I’ll contact DestroyerF about programming.

Damn my incompetency. I’ve been looking for that list for a while.

lol how could you have missed it? dont you ever check topics with new posts? :wink: