Should Zurg Be Un-banned?

Should Zurg Be Un Banned?

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Zurg is a valuable member of our community, and we should vote. This might not change minds. But please, answer honestly. You can discuss it here, but nobody comment on what anyone else said. Just let people explain themselves. Compliments accepted, and feel free to laugh at what people say (as long as its funny) and keep it nice for the kiddys.

I have read the entire argument and strictly, I see no hard evidence to back up Zurg’s banning. Simply a misuse of power no matter what way you put it. :sweat:

I was gonna do it myself Ashes haha
Locking that topic was very unnecessary. You only did it because you know you have no way out of this :imp:

He couldn’t stand being wrong

w00t for the n00b

5 yes
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zurg is loved xD

Zurg is a friend. That will never change. We all love him. That wont change either. Zurg?s un-banning should happen. It?s what?s right. Zurg never deserved to be banned. He didn?t do anything wrong. I fight for Zurg for three reasons.

One. Zurg didn?t deserve to be banned. He didn?t do anything. He was unjustly banned, and this action should be reversed. He was banned out of the fact that somebody was pissed, and nobody wanted to address this. He was defending PY, because he was his friend. PY wanted to be banned, so thats not going to change.

Two. I don?t think that power was used correctly, or that it was given out to the right person. No offense 072, but you don?t do your job very well. Dazzy, you also didn?t use your power right. Also I went back and checked. None of the robots that posted Male Enhancement or Viagra were banned. Liar. You didn?t give out punishments justly. Quote tunneling isn?t deserving of suspension (I?m giving examples of why he used his power wrong.) Also, Zurg does not deserve to be banned because he said he wanted to leave. Dazzy I think I?m looking at you. You did NOT act correctly. Not in the slightest. Just PM him, and talk to him outside of no holds attack in a public forum.

Three. Zurg is a good friend of mine. He was nice to me when I started on this board, and that hasn?t changed even though he got banned. Stayed the same person, but he is more cautious of who he talks to. Thats not much of a reason to be un-banned, but its a reason I want it to happen none the less.

These are my reasons for Zurg to be un-banned. You all may not agree, but I am entitled to my own opinion. I rest my well presented case.

P.S. Please don’t comment on what anyone else has said, unless you are QFTing. Thanks. I don’t want this to turn into another, everyone attack people who think that Zurg should be banned.

Edit 2: Just found this.

Dazzy, Don’t go back on your word. Please. Also, this might just be a bit of evidence in his case…

Hate to bring up the past, but it’s relavant in this case. Also

Try apologizing to Zurg, and bring him back while your at it. I’m pretty sure it was you who banned him, So I’m throwing a stick at you. If I’m wrong CORRECT ME!!!

I’m waiting for it to come down on all of us.



UTA, If I may call you that, I respect you and will for all my future days on the forum. A man who fights for his friends is most admirable in my eyes :Endbuttkissing: Lol

But in all seriousness. :slight_smile:

We all eagerly await the responce

Then, out of nowhere, 072 shows up!

yeah, ashes is cool
i liked him on his first day upon the forum

Yes you may. And thank you.


General Discussion has PASSED everything else in # of posts due to the last few days. Congrats. I guess… :sweat:

It eventually turned into a “I hate 072” topic, but hey, 13 pages in one topic, and a few in a couple others.

Methinks it’s time P2D becomes a democracy.

D’s right xD
No matter what, thats whats happened in the last 4 topics made. xD
As I said before. 072 is part of the family. We can’t hate him. We can be annoyed with him, but cannot hate.

I hate Zurg. Fuck that guy!

Personally, I wouldn’t bother constantly bringing up the fact that Zurg is a good friend. It’s been brought up a few times, and you’ve made your point, but 072 already explained that both bannings are “nothing personal,” so emotion-based “evidence” isn’t going to help your case, I don’t think. Not to be a downer or anything!

The truth, as I see it, is that Zurg never posted that he would literally go out and start working on P2D elsewhere, and made no direct mention of using P2D’s resources. He didn’t even claim to do anything himself - he simply stated - as I see it - that, if this community went down in flames, P2D would continue elsewhere, and those blamed as the source of the community’s break-down would not be allowed there. He did not write that the conditions necessary to begin work elsewhere had come to be, nor did he say that he would have a hand in it even if such conditions did arise (which is kind of implied, but remains uncommunicated).

If the mods are or were so afraid of Zurg accessing whatever resources are available on the site that he may not have (which, according to Rundas, he HAS everything saved to his hard drive already), the most logical action at the time would have been, as others have said, to demote him from team member status. Nothing that he wrote called for a complete ban, IMO, and as I see it, many people have since posted things much more threatening and/or out-of-line about or to the mods than Zurg did then. My thoughts.