Something I Hate

Ya know something I really hate, with a passion? When save games get corrupted! Or, when just one thing stops working and you’re like, “WHAT THE &^%$#($&@!”. Perfect example; the game crashes at the end of every turn? Or maybe, it crashes out to your desktop after you put 20 hours into a campaign and you CAN’T LOAD BACK IN?!?! rant rant rant rant rant

yeah, that’s pretty annoying.

I’d imagine that it just happened to you, what game?

edit: why do you hate ayn rand zurg?

I hate Ayn Rand
I hate Vans
I hate Planes
I hate The Woods
I hate Tunnels
I hate Subways
I hate Sewers
I hate Hospitals. And doctors, and Lawyers, and Cops
I hate Hospitals
I hate Elevators
I hate Stairs
I hate Helicopters
I hate Train Yards
I hate Small Towns
I hate The Water

Francis, is there anything you don’t hate?

You know what Bill? I don?t hate vests.

I love that picture. :stuck_out_tongue:

Yeah, corrupted files suck dick. I remember when the better part of my Gamecube memory card got corrupted. It pissed me off. I swore I would never buy off-brand console memory storage devices again. Frickin’ Mad Catz. Complete bullshit.

Oh, I was playing Total War. Of course, I had, as the Netherlands, conquered half of India, France, and a third of northern Europe. And then it stopped working.

I hate Ayn Rand too! Her evidence is so darn convincing in Statism Kritiks. Oh debate world, how you make me despise people.