My life is getting boring. Oh…I know an answer! I shall spam P2D!!! :smiley:




that picture always makes me laugh. His expression coupled with the outfit he’s wearing is priceless.

start selling cocaine, spices your life up!

I agree.

I have nothing to do with my life anymore…

are you a junior this year?

No, Sophomore now.
I don’t know why nobody locked this yet…oh well. Might as well make use of it…
I have been sick for a damn week. I had the flu. Then I got better. Then I threw up. Then I got a sinus infection. Then I got a throat infection. I feel like shit. My life is now worse. :O_O:

well get better, asshole!

Okay, after that what else am I supposed to do to make my life better?


…other than drugs…

I AM! :smiley:

Sounds like you’ve been going through hell, Rundas. Get better, dude!

drugs work for some people
if not that, then you know, learn how to do something that you like

like women for example.

im a freshmen lawl



ya but that’s college… i’m in HS D:

i know, right :3

I would just like to say:

I’m so proud of the activity level the past week. Keep it up! :smiley:

I broke my epic comfortable amazing awesome orgasmic computer chair.
And I can’t sprite without my epic comfortable amazing awesome orgasmic computer chair… :cry:

Plus I can’t focus anymore. My spriting days have come to an end. :blush:

@ Zurg
Your sig is 3p!c w!n

FUCK YOU, lazy asshole



In all honesty, they screwed with a lot of designs I’m not sure of… (Samus, for 1)

We’ll have to see how it all goes.