Sprite Duels

And it is finally revealed as to what that strange on-fire grey bomb-dropping hulk is… the USS WTFBOMB! It’s continuing mission, to destroy strange new worlds, to seek out new life and drop bombs on them, TO BOLDLY LOL WHERE NO WTF HAS ROFLED BEFORE!!

I tried to sprite a turret. I phailed. XD

Ed no like the helicopter :smiling_imp:

Don’t ask me what’s going on here, as I have no idea in hell. Even though that’s the point :stuck_out_tongue:.

Only five squares left!

Obviously, everyone can tell that I love Apogee. “It’s Commander Keen, not Captain!”

Three left!

I should have given him his gun… :angry:

:cry: darn it I’m late… but heres my 2 cents

and my final cut

OMG IT LAGS! But that is really funny. How come in the first one there’s a block overtop of the middle?


HAHAHAHA! That was awesome. XD Especially the way you animated it… We should try another.

:O_O: opps, didn’t see that…oh well
the reason it goes so slow is so you can follow one area of action easier

its more of a slide show.

and yes I’d be up for another :smiling_imp:

Well, you guys can start another when ever you like.

I have an idea! How about someone sprites something that everybody hates in the center of a chessboard like that and then everybody makes things around it which would destroy it in hillarious ways?

The AOL Guy. Go get him!

GAH!!! I HATE THE AOL GUY!!! I’ll hav efun with this one.
Yay! 700 posts! I am a loyal member!

OH MY GOD. You ANIMATED IT?!! collapses with laughter, heaves for breath, turns blue, has heart attack, dies laughing


Revenge of the Tiny Tank XD

I hope I didn’t steal the space from anyone… It’s a “Back to the Future: the Game” edit. How is it?

Ok, you just used up 5 tiles… :sweat:

And your point is…? Who cares? Several people here have already used up more than one block and besides, it’s a .PNG that will probably be forgotten by the end of this week.

heh heh heh… time for nuclear warfare, AOL guy =p

Okay, I’ll just put in Bass and Treble for no apparent reason. =P