Star Fox Metroid

Star Fox Metroid\

Just looking at IGN today, when I noticed this article (above) about a RUMOR, its probably fake. I don’t really like the idea, thoughts?

No. The lore is irrevocably incompatible. If they try this I will shoot someone.

Please, in the face. In tha f*ckin’ face!

Everyone else seemed excited about this. Glad I’m not the only one who thinks it’s crazy.

I love crossovers, but THIS? Ridiculous. I could see Zeldatroid happening first. Star Fox just has way too different of an atmosphere.

To copy/paste what I wrote on it elsewhere:

I like spaghetti.

I like ice cream.

I don’t like spaghetti ice cream.

  1. I’m very skeptical. If anyone knows how to handle their main franchises (with the exception of Other M), it’s Nintendo, especially when they’re working with Retro.

  2. Again, it’s Retro. Even if it’s real, it doesn’t sound a whole lot worse than FPS Metroid did to some people back in the day.

It would be interesting for sure but still shitty

Say what!? Star Fox and Metroid… :O_O:

Ok Big N i hope this doesn’t happen. Only let Samus and Fox dual in Smash Bros not a game were its those two. Besides Andros was destroyed in Star Fox 64 so why bring him back.

But maybe its a misread report and Retro Studios is working on 2 different games
A Metroid Game also a Star Fox Game.

Welp, we can basically say the same thing for Kraid and Ridley in Metroid but that doesn’t stop Nintendo from bringing them back D:

Hell, is there a single Nintendo villain that DID die for good after just one game? I honestly can’t think of any besides Zant, and even he survived being killed once due to plot-immortality.

Fire Emblem. :stuck_out_tongue:

Lyon survived death once, IIRC.

Otherwise, touche.

Though considering only two or three of the games are even set in the same universe, there’s hardly a CHANCE to bring back a villain.

Ya… Nintendo seems to have a bad track record for creating incoherent timelines and plots.

Take the Legend of Zelda series, for example.

Argh… The Legend of Zelda timeline! My brain is melting! :frowning:

Hey, they (more or less) sorted that out by now. A few minor hiccups and geographical anomalies aside, it all makes perfect sense.

It just required three split timelines to do so. >_>

Only three? :smiley:> :smiley:> :smiley:>

Exactly. Throw in some alternate dimensions and I’m sure it all works out great. :stuck_out_tongue:

Sounds like a poorly written Fan Fiction.