Suggestions of possible metroid fangames

Here goes my suggestions:
Metroid Prime (overhead)
Metroid Prime (on ZDoom)
Metroid Prime (3D, but all from third third person view (camera from behind))
Metroid for Java-enabled cellphone
Metroid for Symbian

If someone ever wants to make a Metroid for Java-enabled cellphone, ask me and I’ll help for sure. I’ve been working better in spriting and I can test on a Nokia 6131 (240x320 screen, 1024 kb maximum applet size)

Only two of these are actual ideas, the others are platforms for it to be on.

The first (Overhead) is a ripoff of our own “P2D”, just with the camera rotated 90 degrees.

The other (Third Person) could easily have come from seeing metroid prime betas, of which many of the early ones were in 3rd person.

If you want to suggest game ideas, at least do it right.

I never heard or saw the beta, anyways. As for the overview, it can be 3D too… Or 2.5D (2D sprites on a 3D background or 3D objects on a 2D background. I could give some examples if I remembered names…)

new SMB? there’s an example

Yeah, but that’s sidescrolling…

The upcoming Squenix RPG Blood of Bahamut is kinda like the first of those two ideas, although it’s not exactly overhead.