Super Mario Galaxy music download here

Here is the link for the Super Mario Galaxy music downloads !!


have fun :smiley:

um i don’t think this is allowed

I don’t think Metroid music is allowed because of the copyright. But i bet most of you have downloaded it. It’s the same with Galaxy.

It’s legal in the same way as most OSTs, like the Metroid ones we all have.
In fact, it’s similarly illegal to P2D, just more so.

Yes, you’re both right… I’m sure we’ve all got illegal music downloads…
Like Metroid Commander’s avatar. Nice. Did you do it?

I don’t OSTs should be problem here. You can find OSTs everywhere in the wide open and no one (liek Nintendo) is complaning about it. If anything they should be honored. They don’t tend to publish soundtracks so they don’t lose profit.

This post was never deleted.

Timmehboyi did not make my avatar some good art guy did it, whish i did.

Er, it’s not allowed because of the invisionfree ToS…
And cause Daz is a nut about piracy, except when he finds it useful.

Bit hypocritical of him.


Oh, shut up. I don’t allow piracy here because Invisionfree could shut us down for it, as it’s a site-wide policy.

It’s not hypocrisy.

Besides, I only download things that are absurdly overpriced, like Maya and Photoshop. <_<