Super Metroid Prime

Holy shit.

Did everyone completely forget about it? Has ANYTHING happened? Like, anything? At all?

I don’t think I’ve seen a single thing done with SMP. Actually, it looks like this is turning into a Project Prime forum (not that that’s a bad thing), and there hasn’t really been a post in the upper two sections of topics except new users asking if anythings been done.

I say, everybody get a Super Metroid ROM and the programs Daz posted. If he or someone else can post the tileset, take that and start making a level. People can get ref’s for the layouts and anything like that, and we can get SOMETHING done. I would have made something myself if I had the tiles.

Let’s try not to let this die the same way P2D did, and especially not this early.

these forums are dead stop complaining.

Oh yeah…

Lmao so true…

Notice something else? P2D progress (what very little there was) dried up right when I got banned. LMAO.

But I can’t help on anything right now, Project Prime is taking everything.

There is that thing I’m working on, remember? <_< >_>

0.5 months left. Think I’ll finish?

Well, the answer is it won’t be as much as I aimed for. The big, showy feature I wanted to have in my engine is taking too much time, so I’ve stopped working on it for now, and I’ve had a short, busy summer. But the things I’ve managed to pull together are pretty cool, so I’ll still have a little app. Hopefully it will be cool enough.

So, 0.5 months left.

Dude. That is almost as long as forever plus two.

troid will not disappoint :3

who’s troid?

You sir, shall be killed at calling Jesus on stilts by his improper name, and NOT knowing who he is!

This thing died faster than a 1st gen 360. >_>

Well… I have one and it still works. So this can’t be dead. So jalla jalla and show us some progress god damnit!

Yeah, mine died.

So Troyed I really fucking love this engine. It’s nothingness is amazing.

It was a good try, but I honestly think it’s impossible for this game to ever be released. The project is simply too big, and all the hold-ups make things even worse. Even if some magic God Engine is released (like that one CFX guy used to praise all the time yet never showed anyone) Prime is such a massive game I’m sure progress would die shortly after because level design is probably one of the most tedius and slow process ever, and don’t forget Prime has hundreds of rooms. Putting blush on a dead hooker isn’t going to make her look any more appealing.

'Cept for the people who’re in to necrophilia.

I’m a vampire and I love dead hookers :astonished:

also, twilight sucks. get used to it.

The entire game is Mapped, just not tiled yet.

Tiles could take some time, but it depends how faithful we are. Like if we make individual tiles for each room. But we’re not, so we should be good.

And don’t forget little Liksmaskaren. He can sprite tiles if someone can give him some images to look at. He never played Metroid Prime.