Supersize Me! (The at-home version!)

Ow my teeth, head, stomach, intestines, kindeys, liver, and rectum.

I just ate a 3ft gummi snake, consisting of 124 Grams of sugar.
A bag of Ginger snap cookies, consisting of 82 Grams of sugar.
Totaling 206 Grams of sugar.

A box of Cheezits, being 56 grams of fat.
A can of spray cheese, being 72 grams of fat.
Totalling 128 Grams of fat.

And whatever unhealthiness is in a can of pringles and a Pizza Hut personal pizza.
Excuse me, I’ll be in a sugar coma for he next couple days.
(I can work this off easily, I have a high metabolism and a healthy excercise routine.)

That’s the game, top it if you can.

This a challenge? I’ll take you any day, ladyboy.

3 pounds various candies
2 large bags of chips
one barbecue, one salt and vinegar
2 2 liters of soda
one root beer, one orange
3 pieces of pie
1 pecan, 2 apple
2 pieces of cake
2 monsters
1 amp
and 3 red bull

i twitched violently for a week

I’ve got the most for any 1 hour…

30 cotton candies
5 snow cones
4 sodas

That was fun. :slight_smile:

mmmm cotton candy…
dammit zurg, now i want cotton candy D<

Eat 30 in an hour. It’s fun. :smiley:

Oh, and they were freaking huge. Which makes it even funner. :smiley: :smiley:

i wish D=
i cant afford that xD
i just got 3 games xDDD
i wont have money for a few months

No one has yet topped the amount of sugar in a single Peep.

Shit I just ate 6 of them. But don’t microwave them, trust me.

lmao I did that last year with my sister and we broke a plate >_>

At least your microwave wasn’t screwed up.

i filled a microwave with them
almost literally

it was full after 30 seconds xD

Well…it did scare the shit out of us if that makes you feel any better…

Well I had to pay for it, anyways, I had 2 pizzas and 3 oreo cakesters.

i lol’d

I never knew that a single peep can be so diabolical.

Ever tried having:
3 Big Ice Cream Delights
14 Peeps
6 cans of Coke
and 8 really big cups of coffee…don’t…its…OVER 9000!!!
I ended up running 4 miles and climing a tree…>_<
(Posting using your PSP is hard as hell…)

Ever tried having:

3 pancakes for breakfast
1 sandwich for lunch
1/2 small rotisserie chicken for dinner?

A healthy balanced diet? Don’t be stupid.