T2DM's Sprites

I will post my sprites here, I will start by my latest work.



I’d like to receive some tips on how to shade stuff right, I was never able to do it correctly.

Not too shabby overall–nice contrast and lineart. Unfortunately, your light source seems to be schizophrenic. The main chassis is lit from above, whereas the upper leg is lit from below and to the front. Also, the main body feels round due to the way you graded the shading–metal’s pretty tricky, so I can’t fault you too much (especially knowing your relative newness to it), but it could definitely use work.

It also just seems to lack depth overall. The leg should feel closer to the viewer and the gun farther (at least the way I interpret it) than the main body, yet it all appears along the same Z-axis–giving the impression of being a flat cutout of a robot.

Fixed some stuff on the robot thingy, it still needs a name.

The light source still isn’t particularily clear–the leg still seems underlit with the rest being lit from above. The outline also seems much lighter on the leg than on the rest of it.

Fixed the outline on the leg and I think that I fixed the shading on the body

Edit: I think I finally fixed the lighting, decided to make it look like the light source is coming from the right. I will post an update of it tomorrow when I make the other leg.

Get rid of the black lines… Add more texture to the metal, and make it seem less flat.

black lines are fine as long as its just for hobby and not to be used in any games…

if you want to make outlines just do something like 025 000 025 for your R G B value or something. deep purple looks very much like black =]

Mmm… Well, it all depends on the sprite that you are doing and the style you are using. I personally a non-black outline.

Yo, timmeh, don’t crap titu’s style.