The Evolutions

I have decided the series of sprites by CM and I is going to be all of the possible Metroid Evolutions. This shall include…deep breath…Miniroid, Infant Metroid, Metroid, Mochtroid, Infant Tallon Metroid, Tallon Metroid, Dark Tallon Metroid, Hunter Metroid, Fission Metroid, Metroid Hatcher, Phazon Metroid, Metroid Prime, Alpha Metroid, Gamma Metroid, Zeta Metroid, Omega Metroid, and Metroid Queen (tell me if I missed one). Some are already done, and some I have absolutely nothing to do with. I’m more of an assistant. But you get the point. All metoids…yeppers. And we will post the parasites in this topic other than Omega. It doesn’t make much sense for us/me/him to post different metroids in a topic about one metroid evolution. Wanna hear me say metroid again? METROID!

and rundsa forgot one i can remember

hopping metroid, WIP

just need the teeth…grrrr…

and lol Rundsa

shush, the candy man is tired xD
also too lazy to fix it <_<

yet somehow i wasn’t too lazy to post this

what does nintendo do when they run out of ideas? MAKE ANOTHER METROID (x15)

I lol’d in the worst way possible.

You suck and rock at the same time, Pom.

You should replace Metroid with Mario. Or Zelda…Or Pokemon…or…okay, yeah, Metroid works. :stuck_out_tongue:

You should also include Mocktroids from Super Metroid and Protometroids from Fusion.
They are just as much an evolution of the metroid as a phazon infected metroid is…

works for me


okay…should we include MPH’s Quadtroid? =/

you’ll be stuck with it if we add it
i cant find a reference, and ive never seen it


I don’t believe in Quadtroids. :stuck_out_tongue:

I made proto-metroid sprites for Genesis, and I used the proto-metroid sprites from Fusion in my Meteroids game!

I thought it was Mochtroid but wasn’t sure…fix’d :]

What the hell’s a Proto-Metroid? Fusion only had infants and an Omega.

those blobs that drained your energy


mmmmmmmkay…so they aren’t officially metroids…hmm…>_>

i would actually have to say its an X-Meboid

X can’t infect metroids. And it’s clearly a Bang.

That is myth. I think using the SA-X’s Ice beam they could, because the Metroid would be unable to defend it’self. :stuck_out_tongue:

a wut?

No. Simply touching Samus destroys them, because she has Metroid DNA inside her. A Metroid clearly doesn’t have to actively attack to destroy an X.