The Future Of Metroid

I heard from one site that Nintendo doesn’t have any plans to realese a 2d metroid games now, but I have heard rumors of Metroid Prime Hunters 2 and maybe a new Metroid series for the Wii. Also Nintendo of cource we already know is bringing Metroid Prime 1 and 2 for the Wii later this year. I guess E3 we will find out.

I hope they make a kick ass 2d metroid game for the Ds or get Metroid Dread back in and start making it.

I had some inside connections, so I know things.

Dread actually WAS in the works, but they were having funding problems.
Now that the Prime trilogy got Metroid popular, I wouldn’t doubt they are going to attempt it again.

As for a new 3D game, of course. They get money, and they aren’t going to turn that down.

I’m not optimistic.

Nintendo own Metroid, and nintendo aren’t into games anymore.

I’m kinda tempted to agree with PY, maybe if the Conduit and Mad World sell well enough Nintendo will wake the fuck up.

A new Metroid will come eventually, but it’s on the bottom of the priority list, out-shadowed by Nintendo’s new Wii Sports and other Casual Games.

Nintendo knows we get them $$… look at LoZ:TP and Brawl, 2 of the better selling games on Wii. They won’t walk away from cash like that, and since there isn’t anything else, that means there is no alternative for us, so there will be a larger percent who buy it.

I’m pretty sure garbage like Carnival Games outsold Metroid Prime 3, so I don’t know, Zurg.

I agree with Zurg.

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I agree with you, who agrees with Zurg, who probably agreed with somebody >_>
But seriously, there better not be another 8 year gap.

Uh…s1 works just fine, I think.

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Oh and don’t forget I lov Puppies and cats what’s the point of those games. Why is Nintendo not targeting hard core gamers hardly at all.

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I know Retro Studios said they are not going to tackle any more Metroid games (probably because their best of the best left to go make their own studio), but why waste a perfectly good engine for making 3d Metroid games? I mean, yeah, we have the Prime 1 and 2 ports coming with Corruption controls, but … Why not use the platform to make a second trilogy or something? It would just seem like such a big waste if they didn’t continue to make more games off it.

Or maybe I am still just pissed at the crappy ending to Prime 3.

I remember one of those messages that one of the maker of the metroid series said something about a new metroid series later on, so I hope that this years E3 will reveal a new metroid game for the Wii and I hope its has Wi-fi Muti-player.

Metroid ain’t going anywhere. Oh, and the reason that Retro isn’t doing more metroid stuff, is because the Studio head, the guy in charge, and designer of the Prime Trilogy, is dead. He died. I actually cried.

I aready know about his death; however, maybe some other game company like the ones who made Hunters will get there ass in gear the make a new Metroid. A 2-d one for the ds would be cool.

Metroid Prime for the Wii was done by Retro Studios and another Nintendo base game company. Well I guess we find out in time until a new Metroid Series will arise.

Oh Dam Nintendo we should have got Metroid Prime Wii version first.