The last post in this forum was 2 days ago.

WTF people!? Come on! Start something! Post something! What happened to that burst of activity!?

I dunno. I was out Scuba diving for a week.
That’s my excuse.
I do know that Phlakes is out on vacation to the Virgin Islands.
In fact, he happens to be staying at the same place I stayed when I went, like, 2 years ago. Well, one of the places I stayed at. Just thought I’d throw that out there.

I went to Canada for a week. I’m leaving again this weekend.

I’ve been absorbed by Metal Gear Solid 3…and Fire Emblem Radiant Dawn…and perhaps a few Visual Novels.

I’m dead.

I just got back last night. I’ll have a massive post of what happened when I can use a computer.

we hate you, thats what o3o

I’m hanging out and being chill, which takes up time from posting.
I climbed an elementary school yesterday! Got offered drugs by a black dude at 2 AM! Experienced an earthquake (after which I ordered “earthquake pancakes” at IHOP, and the waitress gave me like the sloppiest mess of chocolate chip pancakes imaginable. it was BRUTAL)!

And that’s just yesterday. So yeah, not a lot of posting >.>

New user list:

Daz drops by frequently enough, I guess…
Syntax Man
Cloud Varis
Dan Andromeda

You never include me on your lists. I think that is not a nice thing in the current situation of Cuba.

Now you’re there.

That’s 15 users, by the way.

Bump for great justice! The only posts on this forum for a week and a half have been in the MOM topic! Needs moar activity!

I almost bought a machete the other day.

That’s my excuse. :stuck_out_tongue: