The Sprite List



I-I’m not Daz … :’ (


Oh, thanks. Like I said, I need the pirate aerotroopers, and if you could place the model next to a standart pirate trooper model, that’d be awsome (so I can compare the proportions to dazuro’s sprite).

But we have one last problem.

I can’t get into the workplace…(where the ref topic is) >_<

edit: nvm, I see the topic.


o.O, you can’t go to the graphics board? Was a rule changed while I was gone?


No lol. I meant the workplace. But I don’t need to go until I actually get some work done, so nvm. : P

edit: Well I definetly found something interesting. I found this on Deviant.

“These are some enemy sprites I’ve compiled. The actual Metroid Prime Sprite is by Sello87, while the Samus sprite is by MetroidHunter. I just recolored it. It’s from the same image as the Metroid Prime sprite, so please check it out. Just search up “Metroid Prime Sprite” and it should come up. The Dark Samus sprite is by me. I did on PAINT, pixel by pixel. I did the Morph Ball, scarab, Spider Guardian, war wasp, alpha war wasp, pulse bombu and scatter bombu sprites. Don’t steal them.”

Well this explains the random occurences of his sprites.


Sorry Darkhunter, I didn’t read your post (I read Dazzy’s) so I replied to his post. Really, I should be thanking you because you got it. :astonished:

Oh, and this may be a pain, but can you find the MP Essence model too?

EDIT: Nevermind, you got it already. :stuck_out_tongue:


Lol, well Daz asked me for the model, which brought me here because you guys obviously need refs. So, He gets credit for that.


You lost the crates? I’ll remake them.

Here it is so far. If you want I’ll make a smaller version too:


Wtf, the crates are already finished, and those are really flat and blargh. >_>

Edit: Aha!

Also, here.

I didn’t bother getting the refs since DH already posted more, but here’s the sprites, along with a portrait RP made for color references.

Hm, they need a lot more work than I remember…


Ah, thanks. Now I can givem a go. That reminds me, wheres RP been since SCU died. He rarely pops in.


Say, could I do the fusion suits, help dazuro with the chozo ghosts and start tha mag rail? I’m just itching to do some sprites after that gunship i just did. If so, i’m very grateful as I edited a whole metroid rpg done by a frenchie… Looks great now.


anyone diong grizby?


Uh, I think the fusion suit are already done, not sure but I think MH already made them. Can someone confirm this.


i was doing grizby but i quit. if you want the right scale i think i have a resized version somewhere…


cant find it atm but im not even on my own computer… its not in my thread so i’ll link it when i get home if i find it.


hey i saw the samus sprite of 072’s on the demo topic and thought it looked a bit dark, dunno so i recoloured it any comments?


That has a horrible, horrible lack of contrast.

Besides, we’re arleady working on re-paletting it–but remember, Prime’s varia IS really dark and subtle compared to, say, Super’s or Echoes’s.


define contrast?


Amount of visible difference between similar colors.

8. Photography. the relative difference between light and dark areas of a print or negative.
9. Television. the brightness ratio of the lightest to the darkest part of the television screen image.

I like the television definition better.


It’s been JPG’d. It probably looked better before it was saved.


Maybe so, but 072 already fixed the palette himself anyway, so it’s a moot point. :stuck_out_tongue:


You mean the Echoesy one? Eck, I’m not using that. Like you said, Prime’s Varia is darker than Super’s. My original colors are about the same; I see no problem with keeping it that way. :stuck_out_tongue:

EDIT: About the same darkness, I mean.