The Video Game Name Generator!

Well. This is simple.
Choose one title and show us what the game would look like if you made it.

I will update this post when you decide what game you want to draw.
You have the template in the bottom of this post.

Revenge of City Trilogy
Alcoholic Wrestling in the Dark
Spectacular Hippo Gone Wild
Obsessive-Compulsive Fantasy Ultra
Neurotic Shark in Toyland
Jack Thompson’s Llama Romp
Muppet Transvestite Playhouse
Liksmaskaren -[color=yellow] Explosive Blood Crisis

Kirby’s Alligator Hunter
Darkest Jackhammer of the Damned
The Infernal Cricket Encounter
[/color]Liksmaskaren -[color=yellow] Fruity Bubble Heroes

Heinous Cooking Jihad
[/color]Zurginator - Hideous Hillbilly Rebellion
Irresistible Moped Factory
Middle-Eastern Theme Park vs. The Space Mutants
Sensual Theme Park Quest
Amphibious Aerobics Strike Force
Morbidly Obese Terrorist Diesel
The Harlem Globetrotters: Kart Dancers
Art of Gimp Onslaught
Kinky Banjo Onslaught
Master Chief’s Rabbit Project
Liksmaskaren -[color=yellow] British Whale Desperadoes

Perverted Toon Preacher
Britney Spears’ Bomberman Slaughter
Hillbilly Pinball Creator
[/color]Zurginator -[color=yellow] Dwarven Soccer - Total War

The Sims: Bong Assassins
Silent Vigilante Heroes
Panzer Techno of the Dead
The Care Bears’ Shock Training
Heavy Sumo Universe
Screaming Grizzly Bear Trilogy
Vegetarian Arcade Assassins
[/color]timmehboy - Christian Kabuki Gaiden
Big-Time UFO Deathmatch
Scottish Whale Massacre
Muppet Internet Expert
Kamikaze Cardboard Massacre
Miniature Bedtime of Death

Lol excellent idea ^^
You got some good titles there ROFL

I’d go for Christian Kabuki Gaiden… :smiley:

(btw are you on pixeljoint?)

Yes, but I haven’t logged in for maybe a year or so. I like Pixelation more.

what the hell? this would be a cool idea if those game titles weren’t all fucked up
or maybe that’s the intention and I’m just being naive ahh well

(PS: is it at all possible to get those accents to appear on this sort of board?)

It depends on the browser, not the board. And all you have to do is type them. Kind of like you do with other letters. Na?ve.

Unless you were talking about other accents.

@Syntax Man
Take a look at the Video Game Name Generator.
That’s where I got the names from.

Uh… Stupid question, but I just wana make sure.
Can we only use the colors in that little template thing?

Yes. You can only use the EGA palette.

Dwarven Soccer - Total War
Sounds fun.


Up next: Hideous Hillbilly Rebellion! :smiley:

Edit again:
Boy ya’ll are slow.


Ha ha! Nice pick up truck! :smiley:

And damn. That is one violent soccer game. :smiley:

I’ll try to get you a non-jpeg image of it. And I might make a title screen.

An non-Jpeg’d image would be great.
You don’t have to do a title screen if you don’t want to. But it would be nice if you did one. A gory one.

Damn in! I need you ALL to participate.
Join or else I will send Dee on you. He is a raging lunatic. Remember that.

Dee? who was that again? ahh well im half asleep right now so maybe that why i don’t remember who he is. Anywho sure ill get to work on one…tommorrow

Deetroid. The most homophobic slightly gay Swede in the world. :wink:

Please explain to me how someone can be “the most slightly” something in the world.

Also, these look fun. If only I had the time. :frowning:

He’s the most homophobic Swede, and also slightly gay.

Well the conjunction makes all the difference. :wink: