You - Du
I - Jag
Me - Mig
We - Vi
Us - Oss
They - De
Them - Dem (in writing) Dom (when spoken)

Train station - J?rnv?gsstation
Bus station - Busstation
Airport - Flygplats

Hi - Hej
Wazzup? - Hur st?r det till?
I’ll have a hotdog - Jag tar en raggarballe med sv?ngd?rr or Jag tar en varmkorv
Poop - Bajs
Beer - ?l
Donald Duck - Kalle Anka

Mother fucker - Morsknullare. But people will just think you are retarded or drunk if you call them that. It’s not offensive in the same way as it is for you since we don’t drag in the parents when we call people names. Just call dem b?gj?vel (one person) or b?gj?vlar (two or more) instead. That should get their attention.

That’s pretty much all you need.

now how about some pronunciation? xD


Choose “Svenska - Erik” and paste the words.

Du, that has the same definition in German, same pronunciation too :smiley:

It is spelled the same way but it is pronounced “do” in german.

Wie hei?t du? (pronounced We heist do) = What’s your name?
? = double s. You can write ss instead of ? but it isn’t as cool.




not “We heist do,” its “Ve heist do.” Auf deutsch ‘W’ is pronounces like a ‘V,’ and ‘V’ like an ‘F’ jeeze liks >_>

…Du hast mich gefragt und ich hab nichts gesagt.

German is a pretty easy language to learn if you know swedish. We were secretly on the nazi’s side in the second world war and I think it was some relative to the swedish king who had nazi friends.

That sucks. But Rammstein does not.

My german is not the best but I like the language. It sounds evil. Just like russian.

Dude. My two native languages are norwegian and swedish. Not english or german. I tried to write in english how you should pronounce it in german.

And on what planet did you learn german?

I thought that the US hated Europe so why and where did you learn german?

And you are right. We is not right. But how should I write how you pronounce wie in english?
Is ve (as you wrote) right?
It looks… wrong. Well, you are probably right and I’m not.

Combining differend languages makes me wanna have a beer. Of fifteen.
We should all just learn english. It would be easiest.

…“Flygplats” is my new favorite word. Ever.

flygplan = plane
flygplats = ???

Airplane = Flygplan
Plane = Plan
Airport = Flygplats

Drivers license = K?rkort
Ham = Skinka
Cottage cheese = Keso
Mustard = Senap
Concrete = Betong
United Nations = F?renta Nationerna
Safe (where you store your valuables) = Kassask?p

I’m Canadian, but that doesn’t change my lineage.

Why don’t you learn french?
It could be useful in Canada.

Because being in Alberta we hate the french Canadians why would I want to talk to them?

German was actually my first language and I have no intention of learning french, especially not the retarded Quebecois french >_>


I learned french and you’re a douchebag. >:(

I would also like to learn german.

I would also like to learn swedish.

I would also like to learn japanese.


konbanwa, ogenki desu ka?

Konbanwa mother fucker.

I only know the basics. Like Konnichiwa fuck face and arigato turd breath.