ohayo gozaimasu = good morning
konnichiwa = good day
konbanwa = good afternoon
arigato = thank you
arigato gozaimasu = thank you very much
moshi moshi = telephone hello
sayonara = good bye (formal)
ja ne = see you (casual)
ja mata ne = see you later(???)
watashi = I or me
watashi no (insert noun) = my
tomodachi = friend
senpai = upperclassmen

i know more, but im getting bored xD

I knew all those words :smiley:, being someone who mostly watches subbed anime, that shouldn’t be too surprising though >_>

If I could spell them I’d add more.

thats how i learned too ^^

my favorite is moshi moshi xD

Back on the birthday topic, have a good one Swan. :slight_smile: