To all potential fangamemakers:

OK, now I’d like you to tell me what is a metroid game in which Samus can’t jump, can’t shoot and can’t run…

Is it called Sitting Duck?

and no, my friend, just no, if most of the engines fail at life is because they think that just by having samus move it is all done. You can’t be more wrong.

What about game saving, room transitions, map system, coughAIcough, Water Physics, Grapple Beam, 8 way aiming, charge beam, and that stuff?

Seriously, stop thinking game developing is something you can do in a week. That way you’ll avoid MANY dissappointments.

well said cfx.

Thanx for the advice CFX!

All hail the mighty CFX! May the long awaited source code for P2D come and someday save us all!

Or will it…

This is what I don’t like about fangame communities. Hardly any fangames are ever finished, except for the one whom the forums are based around. In other words, I have confidence in the fact that P2D will be finished, despite the break that Corefusion and Kellan have to take, but I don’t have much hope for the others showcased here.

I can almost garente that my game will be finished. I started it months ago
but then my computer fried. All the game data was lost. But once me and my dad
fixed the computer i started all over on my game. And now it is more advanced and more fun than last time. Would i go threw that much troble to make a game i wouldnt finish?? Take some time and think about that.

EDIT FROM 07: Turns out I did cancel that game, heh, just goes to show you doesn’t it? :wink:

Mine definately will be finished. Even if it takes me a few years.

Here’s a suggestion for the forum admins: Make two seperate fangame forums; one for WIP and one for Completed Projects or Demos. The Art forum is already used for game resources so we don’t need to make another one for that.

That’s actually a good idea!

no, it’s not a good idea. Remember this is P2d forums, not a general “develop your own metroid game” community.

I think we already have enough putting 1 forum at the users’ disposal so they can share their fangames too.

Nevertheless, P2D is a fangame, and this community is based around it, and that makes it a FANGAME community. Obviously people are going to post about their own fangames. There’s no stopping that.

People who dont finish their fan games should have a
good reason to…

And Kellan does have a good reason. If he abandons P2D, he’ll be letting entire communities down, plus his team and all other supporters. He’ll be despised and spammed with hate mail for the next year or so.

(Black Ice: Really that bad??)
It is true though, its an P2D forum community, but nevertheless, these people for all I know are inspired by it and want to make contributions to it and help in any way they can (in which case if they don’t they probably are just whining).

BTW: I hope Kellan doesn’t quit :frowning:

Oh man, just the sheer thought of that made me crawl into a corner and cry. DON’T mention that AGAIN.

Kind of like my game… When they finish P2D. It seems like it
is going to be a pretty big game. How will they post it on the site?

Man, its probably gonna be a big file but I dont care how big it is, I dont care If I have to buy 3 frickin computers to play it!

I wouldnt go that overboard, i would only buy 5 new PC’s to play
it, not 3.

Just buy a pc like mine then you won’t have to worry.

Has 800GB (585GB/800GB left)