Who’s excited? I know I am. Might not be the best movie, we’ll have to see, but the art direction is amazing. Period.

In fact, I like the designs so much, I’m trying to get someone to build me a Tron costume for the premier (unfortunately not the big one, just the one in my area), complete with glow effects (via EL Wire).

This is what it’s going to be built off (HUGE image):…10/09/tron7.jpg

One thing is for sure, you’re nerdiness will not go un-noticed as you strobe while standing in line for tickets.

Never saw the original. Is it worth seeing?

the original is very old… and very interestingly made…

it has cg, but the cg is pretty bad. you can torrent it if you want to check it out; i don’t think it’s worth buying or renting.

I recently saw the original, if nothing else it is definitely a piece of cinematic history just seeing CG in it’s infancy like that, its really cool, totally stoked for the new one now.

My mother was a big fan of the original, so I grew up with Tron in my household. Cannot wait for Legacy. Every time I watch the trailers, it feels like an orgasm without any ejaculation. Which is good.

The original used backlit animation for CG. It cost so much to make that it is still the only movie to have ever used it.

Hmm… Sounds like a download to me. :smiley: Whens the next one come out?

December sometime

I have the original on DVD.
The movie isn’t that bad, and the special features was kind of interesting to watch.