well i found out how to make a sidescrolling camera today…

took all of five seconds

so anyone wanna try for a 3D sidescroller remake of Metroid Prime? ;D

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'Nuff said.

At that point, why not just do project prime? xP

you think i cant find modelers? ha, and again, HA!
i could easily collect 2 from my class
and you KNOW the internet would have a field day with joining up on that

Cough project prime cough

Obviously not. >_>

wtf was project prime anyway?

Modeling, imo, is easier than spriting <<;
Although texturing is a pain in the ass.

does UDK not support sprites?

UDK is the Unreal engine

which is a 3D engine <.<

I volunteer for texturing if someone can model.

Also, anyone played Shadow Complex?

If you own an xbox you’ve probably played it, he question is how much, and for me the answer is I own and have beaten it…pretty disappointing ending.

Not yet. Don’t spoil it for me. Plz.

This is partly why P2D fails. Nobody ever sticks on the same tool long enough to do anything useful with it. First Multimedia Fusion (though that never even started as far as I’m aware), then Game Maker, then C++ / CFX Engine which nobody has seen, and now there’s talk about using the Super Metroid Engine and UDK. How about we use CryEngine!? omg if we did then p2d wood be leik a maximumgame lul

Sounds familiar.

We didn’t stick with game maker 'cuz it’s bad <<;

gamemaker wasnt powerful enough

UDK could eat it up and spit it out
plus it already has most of the functions built in that we need

hell it took me 5 seconds to learn to sidescroller the camera

plus they have a billion tutorials on MAKING it sidescroller
and other things that could help

Here’s the thing:

2D engines: We lack programmers.
UDK: We lack assets and people to make assets.

If I couldn’t get anyone to help with Project Prime, it’ll be hard for you too.

you forget i have a pocket of programmers and modelers right here?

plus access to people who know people (all of which more then willing to assist?)

You mean the ones you couldn’t get to help me? Yah, them. :unamused:

It’s a never ending cycle of try this, scrap this, try that, scrap that.

Welcome to game design?