You need it? I got it. 4 gigs? 5 gigs? Tell how much you need, and you’ll get it for a low, low price! Need it? Don’t need it? Please reply.

Awesome =3

Err, why would we need webspace, though? We can upload almost everything to some free website (imageshack, photobucket, and that other site that I forgot >_>). Not complaining, of course, but I’m just not sure why we’d need it.

… We HAVE our own webspace. Plus I personally have two other webspaces with almost unlimited storage altogether, and that’s free. >_>

Also, why is this in the resource progress section?

As an important member of the team… and by important, I mean, I’m Daz’s spritemonkey… we do not need webspace. Kthx.

K than lock please. I was just wondering anyways.

Lock it yourself, kiddo.

Forgot I could do that.
EDIT:Wait, how?