what is your real name?

ae caio! se num ? um campe?o de smash n?o? sei la eu conhe?o seu nome de algum lugar…

man they deleted my joke! joke was: the things that passes by unoticed, and then nobody anwsered so i posted again saying: like this one, uhahuahuauh it was very funny!! the cockie of jetman was not bad too

What part of “stop that” is so hard to understand? This forum speaks English. No one has any idea what you’re saying, so it might as well be spam. Besides, none of the mods speak…whatever that is, as far as I know, so we can’t moderate what you say, either. Speak our language or shut up.

My name is…Neo… err wait, it’s Travis…nevermind

Martin >_>
Martin Peter Bohdziewicz <_<
Yes,Bohdziewicz is a Polish surname ._. A_A

Marcelo… :naughty:


My real name is Nathan William Campbell, son of William George Campbell.

That’s what the english kids call me, but Nate Will Cam is fine too. Or my full name without the son of…

My names means “giver” in Hebrew. In the Old Testament this is the name of a prophet and also a son of King David. This name can also function as a short form of JONATHAN or NATHANAEL.