What was the first game you ever played?

Mine is the original Zelda. I didn’t know what I was doing most of the time back then but it was really fun and I got incredibly addicted to it at one point.
To this day I keep it around just to play it from time to time when I get a chance.

What’s yours?

Doom 2 was the first game I ever played. I was 4 and my dad left the game running.

Challenge of the Ancient empires in the DOS lab at school.

I don’t remember. Probably bomberman 2 for the super famicom?
We never owned an NES.

The farthest back I can remember is probably Logic Quest in 3-D or Operation Weather Disaster or Math Blaster or something like that. I’m told that I played Reader Rabbit before all of those, and apparently there were some games even before then, possibly involving Mickey Mouse. But I can’t remember anything from that early – Logic Quest was only when I was like 3 years old. I’d have to go back through the floppy discs (the big floppy kind) in my basement to jog my memory.

I think the first game I ever played was Spy Fox… Other than that I used to just watch other play video games, before I actually started to play myself. I remember watching people play through Super Mario World for the SNES, at my babysitters house when I was four, then years later, I remembered all the worlds, and beat the game myself. I think the first Nintendo game I played was Mario Kart 64, though.

First game I played that my family owned was Super Mario 64… in 1999. We never owned any games until then.

My first was Pokemon Red, which I got as a Christmas present with a Gameboy Pocket. My brother also got Blue, so we traded a bit between them. We also got a Nintendo 64 around the same time which is still sitting two rooms away from me.

Duck Hunt/Super Mario Bros.

I had the original double cartrigde for the NES. My mom and I used to play it all the time.

I’m not sure. Ice Climber? Or some random arcade game?

The first Super Mario!!