What would be cool to see in Metroid

It would have been cool if there was a link up between Zero Mission and Echoes like the Prime and Fusion hook up.

Have the Power, Varia and Gravity suits (All would be Zero Misson style.) instead of the Varia, Dark, Light. And you would also get Metroid 2 Return of Samus instead of Original Metroid.
Man, that would be the best thing scince a 12 pack of Pepsi for $3.00!!!
LOL, it took me a while to find the $ sign.

naw, better if they plan to do a link up metroid dread - metroid prime 3!

Metroid: Dread? Wasn’t that the GBA game that wasn’t announced yet?

…Or is it just another fangame?

It’s a DS game that’s still unconfirmed.

It is was DS game but I think its cancelled, I think not to sure. :confused:

Can’t we just say, a cool link up between Metroid Prime 3 and Hunters?

Anyway, a cool feature would be if you could download the beams, suits, etc. to the DS and play against people on the Gamecube… sweet!

I changed the name to what would be cool to see in Metroid.

i think metroid is great as long that dont start to repeat the things, like self desctruction escape, why only once , samus cant get out of a planet walking? i imagined the sceene, and is beautifull