Where can i download OOT 2d??


the dude is in the army fighting iraquians, only when he return (if he return) he will continue hes game…

but i hearded he saying that was going to upload all hes work before join the army… hmm… i never founded,anyway i am the biggest fan of zelda oot 2d, this was the project that started all this 2d mania on the internet and hes project… gave me will to come back to the world of gamming and nintendo!!

Are you sure that it is’nt just an excuse for his lazyness?

Wow, iraquians, is that a word?? Anyhoo, anyone know where the demos are. And what if he dies??? Shudders. Or mabye he is lazy.

also ya how come the “old demos” link or whatever wont work, i just get a “this page can not be displayed” thing

OoT was never really a good game… Won’t be one in a different view, either. And uhm, I don’t know where you can download it. What about the OoT 2d topic? :stuck_out_tongue:

Not a good game?? I like all zelda games, so its a must have for me. But what happened to the demos??


Not only will everyone ever disagree with you, but it’s also plain false. While “I like” and “I don’t like” are opinions, the quality of game can be very well rated. And I’m telling you, OoT is not only a good game, it is also one of the BEST games ever, judging by the success it has had, and the obvious in-game advantages it has.

That statement is also plain trolling, but I’ll let it slide, cause I’m busy right now, and I don’t think you did it on purpose.
(before you go “but what about opinions?” read what I said above :stuck_out_tongue:)

crap, beat me to the stab, lol

anyways…i want to find the demo too, same thing happened to me as the person way above stated. :metroid: …yeah…just…had to use the metroid…sorry…

-illogical thoughts of SD47

The page was PROBABLY not found because he’s in the army, and can’t exactly check… well… anything. And if he doesn’t have the ability to check if it’s working, he probably doesn’t have the ability to fix it, either.

he didn’t post a simple demo?

i …dont get what your saying…at all…


  1. He posts demo.
  2. Sometime later, while the demo is still downloadable, he joins the army, and leaves.
  3. The web page that the demo was posted on goes offline or gets shutdown, or the linked file gets moved.
  4. Since he is in Iraq, he obviously can’t know there’s a dead link, much less fix it.

Wow, that sucks, OOT was the best N64 adventure game ever (fact…j/k). I dunno how it’d translate to 2d/3d with 2d objects. But then again, i dunno how htey made the rooms for P2D work, so i cant talk. But one thing is 4 sure.


you can find the latest proper released demo here,
of course it was released about 2 years ago and is only a walking demo
he says he’s still working on it, you can never tell these days :confused:

^^more info there, and probably elsewhere…

if you were hoping for something completed, bad luck there

…crap…lol, well, the music was catchy, and it seemed nostalgic and took me back to the good ol days of OOT…sigh…i miss that game so much…cries, of course, i have beaten it so much that it simply isn’t fun anymore…

…anyway…its kinda cool, cept all i did is run.

It is all you can do. I believe there is also a “Zelda Maker” that he made.

That is the one game, that will never get owned. Personally, i think that there are very few games that surpass it in the feeling of immersion.

u can check out oot gb…theres a demo on zfgc