Why is the Metroid universe being destroyed by rock remixes?

(Metroid Metal and the Brawl remixes for example.)

It loses the whole atmosphere by transforming it to stereotypical mainstream music…

Yeah, I agree.

Although there’s still OCRemix.

Children of the Monkey Machine has one to be one of my favorite artists on OCRemix. Especially with “Maridia (DrownedInExile).”

The whole Relics album is great :3

I’m REALLY looking forward to the release of “Reserve Tank: VARIAtions”, they seem to be looking for mirrors before they release it (they’re slow ;_; hurry pleeeease)

I wouldn’t say it’s ruining the metroid universe until they try to stick one in an actual Metroid game. I enjoy listening to Metroid Metal and such, but I’d hate to see it in an actual Metroid game, it wouldn’t fit the usual atmosphere of the games.
…And please tell me what stereotypical mainstream music you’re listening to, because all the stereotypical mainstream music I’M listening to sounds like complete shit. I think if stereotypical mainstream music sounded more like Metroid Metal, I wouldn’t hate it all so much.

Well, the way they’re composed is great but the twist of rock makes it less like Metroid music and more like something you would hear on the radio. Not that it’s bad, it’s just not even close to as good as the originals or original-style remixes.

Agreed, I love Metroid Metal. :smiley:

Well, that twist of rock was kinda their intention…

looks at Ridley’s theme

notes Space Pirate battle theme


Yeah, um, they’ve always had songs like that, just not all of them. And hey, look–even in Brawl, they aren’t all that way. Norfair, Theme of Samus, Ending Theme, Kraid’s Lair…

Agreed. I enjoy Metroid Metal/Stemage, but the tracks used in Metroid games are mixed/arranged/composed appropriate to the Metroid universe, and is pretty much how they should stay. A Metroid game with an entirely metal soundtrack wouldn’t sound as diverse and intriguing, and wouldn’t hold up its atmosphere too well IMO.

But yeah, MetMetal seems to play off of the style that is inferred from the pre-existing battle themes, and especially those in the Prime games.

Perhaps it could be argued that the Metroid universe needs some new, equally awesome and memorable themes, rather than always going back to and depending upon the originals like Norfair and Brinstar. There have been a few methinks, such as Torvus Bog and SkyTown, but most are pretty forgettable or get old quickly. Again, these are my opinions. :stuck_out_tongue:

I found some of them all right, but the most dreadful in my opinion was “Lower Norfair” from super metroid. It started out good, but then they added all these weird twists and warbles and eventually took the song way off course and made up their own parts. I expected some epic guitar, not the crap dumped all over it. I would say the only truly good one’s were the epic song you get after the metroid dies in sm, the first metroid 2 song and the opening to mp3.

PY, were you referring to a new Metroid album to be released by the OCR community? If so, I’m anxious to hear it :stuck_out_tongue:.

Vwah?? Torvus and skytown, get old? Maybe Dark Torvus, but I loved the crap out of the normal Torvus theme.

Nonononono xD you read that all wrong!

I loved those ones as well, hahah.

Agreed. I love Torvus. Skytown was exceptional too.

Can someone link to Skytown please? I’ve never heard it.

Here you go.

It reminds me of an odd mix of Legend of Mana and Legend of Zelda: TP

I would but, hearing it before you play it oft’ ruins the experience :stuck_out_tongue:. I’d recommend buying Prime 3 and hearing it as it was meant to be heard :smiley:.

If you’re bent on hearing it before you play through Prime 3, or, God forbid, you don’t plan on ever playing through Prime 3, you can find it at http://www.protoman.com. >_> I really don’t recommend it, though.

Edit: Awgghh Sir Varis! xD


Eh, I dunno, I listened to the boss themes of MP3:C before I played the game, and it didn’t ruin the experience at all. Still very kickass themes.