wii tiny problems

:smiley:> i got a wii :smiley:> but i cant connect to the internet. it has something to do with the ip address or fire wall. i think it might have something to do with the PPPoE passes as it wont let me enter them. what do i do?

More info. What have you done?

well i did a search for the wireless connection and select it then i put in the wep key and thenit tests the connection and i get an error 52131

the settings are all the same as on my psp and it connects fine but on the wii i can’t enter the PPPoE username and password but on my psp i can.

is my wii trying to connect to the internet on my router thinking its a modem?
should i enter me isp’s ip address?

Hmm, my friend had this problem, we didn’t get it resolved… though he was unwilling to do much.
I suggest you find out what a 52131 error is - Ah, it’s a router thing, lookie here here
and see if your router is on the list. If so, try and get the DS wifi dongle, it works with the Wii.
If not, you’ll need to manually enter your DNS and IP settings, and that’s a whole different kettle of fish.

thanks for the help but my dad just dosn’t want to enter all the ip addresses ans it may bugger everything up

Tell him that it won’t, the very worst it can do is…
Hell, it can’t do anything, if your Wii were connected, it could screw the connection, but it isn’t, so the worst it can do is nothing.