will the Fusion Suit be in the game


yeah everyones been complaining about his “slaughtering of the english language”, but i can read most of his posts just fine.

On Topic - I like the idea of custom suits. maybe a slayer suit here, a holy suit there. heck, maybe even my patented Crystal Suit[TM]. =p

its not really slaughtering of the english language, for the most part, words are simply being created, not really torn apart.

example: the mods are clam

i hear that and laugh, so i begin using clam in everyday life

one day, you will all be saying clam, and will know where it came from…here!

yeah, you guys are clam!

also, i dont think there should be a holy suite or anything, metroid is a scifi, not castlevania. if your post was sarcasm, you may slap me now (ducks)

sorry to the castlevania fans i might have offended, here is a cookie:


p.s. there are no razor blades in this one, i swear!

maybe put in a green suit. Call it what you want but i think a green varia suit would pwn.

recolors = bad… plz no. anyway, a green suit would be OK except you would have to edit it a bit so its not another 1 of those dreadful recolors.

Yes, we shouldn’t inclue recolors like the Phazon or Gravity Suit!

I have the greatest idea for a suit, ever. Josh Spaulding’s Ownage Suit!!!

C’mon. New look? New weapons? Make it the most kickass suit that girl has ever been in and make an “Impossible” mode for you to use it against!

BTW, the “Impossible” mode would probably have tons of enemies with alot of health. The game would pretty much become a slugfest between you and the bosses.

well… duh! of course your gonna want a different looking suit. Samus has been requested to whear so many different suits and none of them are green. My favourite colour is green.

I repeat…

and why?

It’s sarcasm.

My point is that recolors are okay, since they’re in the game anyway.

A few changes to a suit here and there wouldnt hurt though. It would make us look more unlazy i guess

What game?

P2D. the game i’ve been waiting to be finished for a while.

Sorry I am new here, didn’t know.

its ok. Im hyper today. I’ll probly edit that now. in a nicer way.

hm…is anyone against the clown varia suit?

Can I help in anyway? Does my avatar do any good for making Meta-Ridley?

Clown varia suit?

I would make fun of that typo, but that would actually be hilarious…

I don’t think I’ll be complete if a clown suit doesn’t appear in P2D.

By the way, I think you mean clone. But clown is good, very good indeed…