This is what happens when I try to help? Fine. I once loved P2D with a passion. Why is this happening?

first PY then Zurg
now Rundas has gone mad

im out, before i get dragged under too

Your anger is justified, but misdirected. PY’s ban is his own fault. Zurg’s ban is his own fault.

No, Zurg’s ban is my fault. Happened in my topic to try and straighten things up. Same as this. CM is gone now. PY’s banning made everyone go mad. Please just un-ban them both. Atleast Zurg (no offense PY)

Zurg left on his own-- he was apparently only staying here under the pretense that he was exempt from the law. I banned him after that because he and his ambition couldn’t be trusted with access to our resources.

You aren’t the only one who is displeased with the outcome, but there’s no one to blame but them.

but Zurg isnt gonna do that, that is wrong, and Zurg knows better.

atleast un-ban him, and make it so hes not on the P2D team


And stop doubleposting.

to clarify im not "gone"
im just here less

Im doing that so nobody posts after me and kills the purpose of my edit.
Wtf happened. Remember when everyone here was actually friends and nice to each other? Before 2 active members got banned?

See the third post of this topic.

what about it

D’oh. Guess you saw before the edit. <_< >_>

If Zurg is gone, that means that Project Prime is dead. Wow. This is most definatly the worst day in P2D history. The war between members, and Mods. This Sucks.

Not true, he can continue that anywhere else. But the day part is true. This does suck. We need everyone back :cry:

War between mods and members? Hell no.

It’s the war between rational people and idiots who like to imagine themselves martyrs.

Were not being martyrs, we just want our friends back. And I’m sure you want your team members back too. The more the Merrier.

P2D’s destroying itself…

…I think rundas jumped off the boat…

I’m here Ashes, but stop, really. Referring to the “members”. This is fixing itself outside of P2D. Everyone chill now, because we are waiting for results.