yet another starfox fangame

i was bored. so i decided to make a starfox game again, not that i was going to release it. anyways, it has grown considerably. now it will be finished and released. thanks to arkanine 2k7, edthedestroyer, and purple_pixie, i now have a decent engine.;7076956;;/ GM7 reg. ftw.

called starfox meteor for now, name sucks and will be changed later. no story yet either.

more complete versions will have elements from assault, 64, and command. don’t know about adding SF adventures elements though.there wasn’t much variety of the flying stages.

and yes, lack of features for now. will add sound effects as soon as i get them.

would anyone happen to have those?

oops a forgot mah controls.

mouse: move crosshair
left click: shoot, hold to charge, release to fire full charge.
WASD: move teh arwing
mouse wheel down: barrel roll

Ok…very…preliminary I guess. Is there a special objective that I’m missing or is that it?

Well, it doesn’t look bad I guess :sweat:

Not everybody has a mouse wheel, so don’t use that in a required control method. There are also a ton of pretty necessary features missing, but it’s a beta, so…

yup, in VERY early stages. nothing actually dies yet, still needs bombs, health bars, etc. i suppose double tapping a/d would work for barrel roll, and double tapping w/s could be used for boost/brakes. might use these sprites in the final game, not sure yet.